Engage Volume 5, Number 2

A Message from the President

College of DuPage is an institution that embraces a global perspective.

We see the world as a giant classroom. Our students have opportunities to learn around the world, whether through the Study Abroad program, field studies courses or internship opportunities that led one former student to the South Pole.

Our welcoming nature also attracts students from a variety of cultures, whether they already live in-district, found us online or heard about us from family or friends. They come to COD because of our reputation as a center for excellence, and they add insights that enrich and enhance the on-campus experience.

Finally, former COD students can be found not just in every state but on nearly every continent, using the
knowledge and skills they learned here to build a career or pursue a passion.

As we continue to move past the pandemic, this is an ideal time to reconnect with the world around us. I invite you to see how College of DuPage can broaden your worldview in this issue of Engage.


The annual budget process at College of DuPage includes meetings with every department on campus to identify and prioritize needs. It is a comprehensive undertaking that allows us to determine how to allocate the funding we receive from local taxes, tuition and the state in order to benefit our students and the community.

I invite you to review the Budget- in-Brief. While the College’s budget is hundreds of pages in length, the Budget- in-Brief presents an easy-to-understand snapshot of our financial plan. You can find this document and other financial reports at cod.edu/financials.

Engage Magazine Volume 5, Number 2

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Stories: Julianne Fernandez

Julianne Fernandez

"When I was at COD, I never thought I’d reach this point. But everything I’m doing now I first learned about at College of DuPage.” - Julianne Fernandez

Julianne's COD Story

Mark Guido

Mark Guido

"At COD, I learned that everything you design should have a story behind it. The vibrant colors of the logo I designed represent diversity, which embodies what Peaks for Purpose is all about.” - Mark Guido

Mark's COD Story

Luis Medina

Luis Medina

“I have learned so much from both my academic program and my campus involvement. I have learned the values of growth and leadership, as well as the value of guiding others through their own potential.” - Luis Medina

Luis' COD Story

Miglena Nikolova

Miglena Nikolova

"I structure the learning process around students’ individual learning styles and personalize the instructional content for each individual student. Additionally, I rely on instructional techniques such as group/partner work that emphasize collaborative and cooperative learning." - Miglena Nikolova

Miglena's COD Story

Edith Jaco

Edith Jaco

"I enjoy teaching because it is a way I can share my experiences living abroad with my students," she said. "Teaching allows me to help my students discover themselves and understand others. It gives me immense satisfaction to see my students flourish as they learn and enjoy their achievements in the new language." - Edith Jaco

Edith's COD Story

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