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Engage Volume 1, Number 2

Welcome to the second issue of Engage.

In this second issue of Engage, you will learn about some of the entrepreneurial people, programs, and partnerships that set College of DuPage apart. This kind of innovative spirit benefits not only our students, but also our community, its companies, its nonprofit organizations and—most important—the people who live and work here. In some cases, our entrepreneurial graduates are also helping people around the world.

When many people think of higher education, especially community colleges, they imagine instructors sharing a fixed set of information that leads to a degree or certificate. At College of DuPage, we do that, of course, but just as often, we instill analytical thinking, creativity, problem solving and other tools that lead to invention and reinvention over time.

The word “entrepreneurship” is most often associated with the business world, but virtually every profession requires entrepreneurial thinking. Organizations, technology and society change quickly. So our nonprofits, our small businesses, our arts organizations, our major corporations, our health companies and our government—all must be innovative and entrepreneurial.

At College of DuPage, we help make innovation happen through resources and collaboration, such as our Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation DuPage.

We bring innovative faculty members to the classroom—people with real-world experience who have reinvented themselves in their working lives.

Finally, we spark imagination, broaden experiences and encourage entrepreneurship among our students. That, after all, is the best way we know to launch new organizations, boost existing ones, and help support job growth throughout the district we serve.

We hope you enjoy this inside look at the innovation you make possible through College of DuPage.

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