Engage Volume 5, Number 1

A Message from the President

Self-assessment is an invaluable tool when planning for the future.

As we continue to move through the pandemic, now is the time for College of DuPage to analyze what we learned during the past two years and how we can apply this knowledge toward the future success of our students.

For example, providing flexibility has always allowed students to continue working or to meet family obligations while going to school. The pandemic demonstrated we could adapt even more classes and support services into formats that fit busy schedules.

In this issue of Engage, we examine the future of the College, of education and of the world. Discover an alumnus dedicating his life to the future of public health, and see how the College is implementing new technology to provide unparalleled learning experiences.

COVID-19 demonstrated that College of DuPage is more than capable of meeting challenges and doing so well. It is exciting to provide even more opportunities that can lead to academic success and personal enrichment. As a result, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our students.

Popular Annual Financial Report

I invite you to look at the fifth annual Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. The PAFR summarizes the College’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and provides information in an easy-to-read format. While the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada encourages state and local governments—including community college districts—to issue PAFRs, only a small number do so. We are proud to share a PAFR and help the community understand our financial condition.

—Dr. Brian W. Caputo is president of College of DuPage.

The Future of Learning

The pandemic impacted what we did at every level, whether delivering curriculum or providing support. It was not an easy journey for students, faculty or staff, but we learned so much about ourselves during the past two years.

College of DuPage has created the Future of Learning Task Force as a way to build a framework for our future. Comprised of stakeholders from across campus, the task force—with the help of the College’s Research and Analytics Division—has analyzed institutional data during the pandemic to inform its work.

Best practices and resources will be synthesized into meaningful research, while brainstorming sessions brought forward four topics for further exploration: credentials, modalities, student service/experience, and teaching and learning.

We also had the pleasure to invite such guests as Professor Emeritus Ray Schroeder from the University of Illinois Springfield, a nationally known author on higher education trends and online education. He shared insights that have benefited our work.

The Future of Learning Task Force will make its recommendations this academic year and looks forward to seeing how its findings will help students.

—Lisa Stock, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost of Instruction

Engage Magazine Volume 5, Number 1

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Stories: Amanda Hunhoff-Sepulveda

Amanda Hunhoff-Sepulveda

The Library and Information Technology program allows me the flexibility to continue working part-time at the library while still providing me a high-quality education that I need to be successful in my new job."

Amanda's COD Story

Eric Tecuanhuehue

Eric Tecuanhuehue

COD gave Eric Tecuanhuehue a fresh start and a new outlook on education. With the small class sizes and engaging faculty, he began to take his education more seriously and realized learning could be fun.

Eric's COD Story

April Zawlocki

April Zawlocki

“I knew I had found my place when I started observing in schools and working with students. I love teaching, but I also love learning, which is why I love being an educator. " - April Zawlocki

April's COD Story

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