Engage Volume 2, Number 1

Welcome to the fourth issue of Engage.

In this issue of Engage, we take a look at transfer programs and the strong foundation that College of DuPage provides for further higher education and enhanced career potential.

On our cover is Lisa Buchholz, who discovered her career path while completing a general education requirement at the College. Also featured in this edition are Mark Tom and Nahiris Bahamón Fernández, who both gained the skills they needed to pursue successful medical careers. These are just a few examples of the many alumni who successfully transferred and then embarked upon challenging and rewarding careers.

COD has built strong partnerships with a wide range of universities to make the transition to the next destination as smooth as possible. By establishing 3+1 and 2+2 agreements, as well as other opportunities, we lay the groundwork for student success beyond our classrooms.

Several benefits come with choosing College of DuPage as your first institution for higher education. One is the high-quality education that we provide at an affordable cost. Another is small class sizes that give students greater access to our faculty. Rather than sit in large lecture halls to learn from teaching assistants, COD students always are taught by professors with extensive knowledge and experience.

COD students find that enrolling in one of our transfer programs gives them an edge over other students who start at four-year institutions. In addition, a recent study from the National Student Clearinghouse found that students who transferred with a two-year degree or a certificate were 16 percent more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than students who transferred without one.

College of DuPage is dedicated to teaching and learning, which is reflected in the quality and depth of our programming. The stories on the following pages demonstrate the varied ways our curriculum impacts students as they prepare to continue their studies at baccalaureate-granting institutions.

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