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Field Studies, Study Abroad and Global Education

Field and Experiential Learning, Study Abroad and Global Education supports a diverse range of academic offerings and events at COD. 

Field Studies offers credit courses that combine classroom work with empirical field experiences. Classes are experience based and faculty led. Courses include Arts and Culture, Interdisciplinary Learning Communities, Outdoor Adventure, and Science and Nature. The courses vary from local to international destinations. Study Abroad courses immerse you in culture and language. Short term, summer and semester-long opportunities abound. Global Education transcends borders and expands horizons through on-campus cultural events. 

Some students enroll in courses to earn credit toward a degree or certificate; others are interested in learning wilderness skills or visiting a particular destination. Still others desire to explore new cultures and countries. You are welcome to join us, whatever your interest.

The World is Our Classroom

Our program was featured in the Spring 2023 edition of Engage Magazine. Whether they are assisting with patients at a health clinic in Ecuador, exploring wildlife in Tanzania or experiencing authentic daily life through study abroad homestays, College of DuPage students are learning new skills and expanding their global horizons outside the confines of the classroom. Read More


COD Stories

Nathan Hambel

"It was because of Field Studies that I fell in love with outdoor recreation and decided that I wanted to find a way to make a career out of it." - Nathan Hambel

Nathan's COD Story

COD Stories

Bella Kelly

"Getting to stay with a French family and being fully immersed in French culture and meeting people from all over the world gave me a new perspective on our country and my place in the world." - Bella Kelly

Bella's COD Story

COD Stories

Emily Quesada-Glanz

"Make the most out of your time at COD because I promise you're going to miss it after leaving." - Emily Quesada-Glanz

Emily's COD Story

COD Stories

Luis Medina

"I have learned the values of growth and leadership, as well as the value of guiding others through their own potential." - Luis Medina

Luis' COD Story

COD Stories

Katherine Schultz

"We worked alongside Ph.D. students on their research projects and got to learn about the impact that they and others were making on the animal world. The trip also helped ignite my passion for learning about human-caused environmental issues.” - Katherine Schulz

Katherine's COD Story

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