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Student Clubs & Organizations

Over 80 student clubs provide students a connection with academic programs, topical interest sharing, sharing of leisure-time activities, social interaction and a connection with the communities of students at the college. Practicing leadership, business and organizational skills outside the classroom enhances students’ life and career goals.

Scheduling Process for Clubs

Student club members should contact Student Life staff member Jelymar Mejia to schedule dates for their club.

COD Stories

Dimitri Stojanovski

“COD has many clubs and events that can help you to meet new people and explore your interests. These organizations can help you to familiarize yourself with COD, meet new friends and develop leadership skills.”

Dimitri's COD Story

COD Stories

Ayesha Shaffiuddin

“I love College of DuPage and the vibrant community that we have. We encompass the values of hard work, dedication and passion. It’s something I’ve never witnessed before and I’m honored I get to serve on behalf of the student body.”

Ayesha's COD Story

COD Stories

Ana Pliego

“All of my experiences have made me grow and discover what life means. I take it day by day, and my life is so much greater for it. I want to make an impact on people’s lives.” - Ana Pliego

Ana's COD Story

COD Stories

Kaitlyn Rogers

“After one semester, I had spent half of my college savings on tuition and room and board. I decided that the financially smart move would be to move home and attend College of DuPage to get my general education requirements and nursing prerequisites completed for a more reasonable cost and then transfer.” - Kaitlyn Rogers

Kaitlyn's COD Story

COD Stories

Bradley Kirouac

“Within the first five minutes of joining Pride Alliance, COD’s gay-straight alliance, I was a changed person. And, for the first time in my life, I felt accepted for who I was. My objective was to expand Pride to help more students than it had in the past, so I applied for the president position and, with a great team of officers, we did just that." - Bradley Kirouac

Bradley's COD Story

Start a Club

Students interested in starting a club at COD should complete the club request form.