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Taking Classes for Your Career

Students who have studied in the United States for four years or fewer from kindergarten through 12th grade will receive a Kaplan Test of English Hold* on their account when they apply.

This hold requires students to take the Kaplan Test of English Language Placement Test before they register for classes. Students should not be afraid of the test. They cannot "fail" the test. After completing Parts 1 and 2, a counselor or advisor will be able to give them a personalized recommendation of what classes are best for them. 

Before beginning classes toward their degree, it is recommended that students achieve Reading Category One and Writing Category One. There are five categories for Reading and Writing. Category One is the highest and Category Five is the lowest. Students who need lots of English practice might start with Category Five and move up to Category One after taking English language classes.

Students can achieve Reading Category One and Writing Category One by completing one of the following methods under each list.

Reading and Writing Category One

  • TOEFL 79 iBT
  • IELTS Score of 6.5+
  • ACT score of 20+
  • SAT total score of 950+
  • 12 degree-applicable credits with C or better from an accredited US college or university (Reading Category Only)
  • Completion of ELS 0501, 0502, and 0503 with a C or better

*Kaplan Test of English Hold

To remove the Kaplan Test of English Hold, contact the Reading and Writing Testing Center to make arrangements to take the English Language test. If students have met Reading Category One and Writing Category One by one of the above methods, they can contact to discuss removing the hold.