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Service Learning

Service Learning is an academic-based volunteer program that combines volunteer service with academic instruction. Service Learning requires students to volunteer in the community for 15-20 hours for the duration of the semester. Throughout the program, students work with an instructor to connect course concepts with their service experience. 

Service Learning Benefits for Students

  • Service Learning strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience while learning their coursework.
  • Students can become involved in assisting with an issue that is affecting their community.
  • Service Learning teaches citizenship and social responsibility skills that can last a lifetime.
  • Service Learning is a resume builder, and an opportunity you can share on scholarship essays and transfer applications.
  • Service Learning can ignite an interest in pursuing service as a career.

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Getting Started

Step One

Consider the following points when choosing a placement site: 

  • Course Objectives: What does your instructor want you to gain from this experience?
  • Timeframe: Will you be able to serve during the posted hours of operation in this placement description?
  • Location: Is your placement near your home or on your way to and from COD? Travel does not count for service.
  • Population: Is this a population you are interested in helping or a population you have never served before?

Step Two

View Service Learning Placement Sites offered for your course.

Step Three

Activate your Chaps Get Hired account to start the Service Learning process.

Step Four

Complete the Service Learning Program Form in the Experiential Learning Agreement (ELA) through Chaps Get Hired

Step Five

Complete the Final Service Learning forms in the ELA through Chaps Get Hired.

Service Learning Partners Map

Let's face it – hands-on experience provides practical knowledge that can't be gained from reading a book.

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