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Presidential Scholars Service Component

All Presidential Scholars are required to complete 20 hours of approved volunteer service during the first year of the scholarship at College of DuPage. Scholars will work with Career Services to fulfill this requirement. Scholars can fulfill the 20 hours of service using one of the following methods.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an academic-based volunteer program. Service Learning courses require students to complete 15-20 hours of service to meet course requirements. Service Learning courses are taught in a number of disciplines. Note: Scholars in a Service Learning class will be required to complete the full 20 hours.

  • Service Learning strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Service Learning provides the opportunity to gain real-world experience while learning their coursework 
  • Service Learning is an experience you can share on your resume
  • Students can become involved in assisting with an issue that is affecting their community
  • Service learning teaches citizenship and social responsibility skills that can last a lifetime

For additional information contact servicelearning@cod.edu.

Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are a distinct group of students who volunteer their time to share their unique COD student experience with prospective students, the community, and staff. Our ambassadors act as student representatives at several Admission and Outreach programs. By becoming a student ambassador, you will:

  • Obtain leadership skills helpful for transfer, job, and scholarship opportunities
  • Develop communication, public speaking, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Enhance your resume! Student Ambassadors get real-life work experience
    Receive a tuition-waived 3-credit hour class

For additional information contact stuamb@cod.edu.

Self-Designed Service

Presidential Scholars may choose to fulfill their service at a location of their choice. Students who select this option will need to have the service site approved by the Career Services Center. 

Service Requirements

  • All hours must be completed during the first year to qualify for a second-year award.
  • Service hours can start as soon as the first day of a given term. 
  • All service hours must be completed prior to the end of term, and submitted via College Central Network (CCN), Experiential Learning Manager (ELM) through Chaps Get Hired. (Information will be provided via email during the first week of classes).
  • All twenty service hours must be completed at a location that meets the following criteria:
    Must be a not-for-profit or 501c3 organization
  • Must either be an official College of DuPage service learning partner or be approved by the Career Services.
  • Volunteer work at the service site may not involve the teaching of any religious ideologies (i.e. teaching Sunday school, leading a youth group, etc.)
  • Service sites not approved by Career Services may not count towards the twenty-hour service requirement.

 For additional information or site approval contact servicelearning@cod.edu.