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Title IX – Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in education programs and activities at all colleges and universities that receive federal funding. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment and sexual assault and violence. Sex discrimination, including sex and gender-based violence, is never acceptable and is a violation of College of DuPage as well as state and federal law.

College of DuPage’s Title IX services include

  • Maintaining an institutional commitment to non-discrimination. College of DuPage is committed to maintaining a respectful and professional academic and work environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This includes having an environment free from unlawful sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. This applies to all settings and activities of the College, whether on campus property or off, if the misconduct adversely affects the health, safety, or security of any member of the college community or the interests of the college. This covers all students, employees and other individuals who have a relationship with College of DuPage that enables the College to exercise some control over the individual’s conduct in places and activities that relate to the College’s work.
  • Educating the campus community and disseminating established Sexual Harassment procedures and best practices. College of DuPage does this to preserve campus safety and ensure compliance with federal laws, including the Campus Save Act in against sex discrimination, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  • Providing prevention training and ongoing awareness programs for students, employees and the College community.
  • Providing campus and community resources and referrals for involved parties of sex discrimination and sex- or gender-based misconduct.

How to Report an Incident

Filing a Title IX complaint serves as official notice to College of DuPage to authorize the Title IX Coordinator to initiate a preliminary investigation into the information and allegations contained within the report. File an official notice: Formal Discrimination and Harassment (Title IX) Incident Reporting Form  

Policy and Procedures

Title IX Representatives

Title IX Coordinator

Assia Baker
(630) 942-2491

Affirmative Action Officer

Human Resources
(630) 942-2460

Title IX Investigators

Jennifer Such
Manager, Student Services Support
(630) 942-2797

Justin Hardee
Interim Manager, Admissions and Outreach
(630) 942-3977

Steve Gustis
Interim Associate Dean, Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services
(630) 942-2099

Chuck Steele
Manager, Student Life
(630) 942-2642

College of DuPage Police Department

Kent Munsterman
Chief of Police
(630) 942-2000