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Multimedia Services’ 6,500 square foot facility includes a fully equipped studio with control room, 6 non-linear edit suites, an audio editing suite with recording booth, graphics and animation capabilities. 


Images: Studio, Green Screen
Our 40’ x 50’ production studio has a 15’ lighting grid wired for approximately 75,000 watts of incandescent lighting. The studio can be engineered for up to 5 HD cameras, 8 wireless microphones, 16 hard-wired microphones and 4 multiple channels of intercom and IF. Independent heating and cooling systems keep our studio participants and crew comfortable.

Control Room

Image: Control Room
Our digital control room boasts a 32-input Grass Valley Kayak video switcher, a 32-channel digital audio mixer, teleprompter, a Chyron Mico X HD graphics system, test instruments and full monitoring capability. Our Genter phone bridge with a toll-free queue, allows for live or transcribed telephone communication while on the air. Spacious and comfortable, there’s plenty of room for external producers and clients to work and watch.  

Edit Suites

Image: Edit Suite
Final Cut Pro non-linear editing technology powers our edit suites. Each suite is also outfitted with the latest in motion compositing and graphic creation software. A server network provides an enormous storage capacity. 


This is where our graphic design artists and computer animators enhance your program. Creativity is brought to new levels with the help of powerful software applications such as Flash, After Effects, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. 


Image: Audio Control Room
Our completely digital audio mastering suite is where sound for video and straight audio recordings are captured, edited and “sweetened.” There’s also a sound-proof announce booth for voice recordings, large enough to accommodate multiple narrators and actors. 

Delivery and Duplication

We provide multiple formats for live video streaming via the web, or live SD/HD connections to VYVX or Satellite uplink.  Need copies of your project? No problem! Mass DVD and CD duplication is available, including artwork and many options for packaging. 

Client Room

Guests of Multimedia Services can work (or relax) in our client room. A large monitor is routable, allowing you to view a live feed from the studio. We invite our clients to make themselves at home for pre-production meetings, and set up home base during live productions.

Contact Information

Multimedia Services
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