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Teleconference and Webcast

Live broadcasting, via televised satellite or internet webcast, is an efficient and cost-effective means of communicating your message to a large audience. Reach your staff or clients, demonstrate new products and procedures or motivate the team. We can provide you with all aspects of production required for your satellite or web broadcast.

The complexity of these programs ranges from simple slide presentations accompanied by narration, to full-scale, multiple-camera television shows with real-time, phone and email audience participation. Clients frequently deliver content over satellite or the web to overcome time, space and budget limitations. 

How does my organization produce a satellite teleconference?

The production of a television event can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. Talk to our staff. We can produce it from concept to completion and we can give you a firm price up-front. Whether you are interested in producing a satellite teleconference or webcast, live or pre-recorded, to one site or 10,000 sites, we can help.

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To plan your event, or to learn more about reaching your audience through satellite television or webcast, fill-out our request form or call (630) 942-2468. 

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