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Faculty and Staff Resources

College of DuPage Veteran Services welcomes service members and their families. We support student veteran and faculty interactions through our Service to Scholar Program. You may have noticed enrollment growth in this special population over the past few years. This adult population may demonstrate higher levels of maturity and discipline compared to typical, first year students. Student veterans may experience difficulties in the academic environment as they transition from the military to civilian lifestyle. Like other adult students, they may be balancing family, work and school. Veterans and Military Personnel forever carry with them the added dimension of their service. College of DuPage welcomes service members and their families. We support their transition from service to scholar. Contact Veterans Student Services at veterans@cod.edu to learn how you can participate in our Service to Scholar Program.

The following resources are provided to support faculty and staff in their understanding of military culture as well as outline relevant policies and procedures impacting institutions of higher education.  This is not an all-inclusive list. To recommend content for this page contact the Veterans Student Services at veterans@cod.edu. The College of DuPage Library has provide a list of resources and scholar works. To request additional materials, contact the Library.

Many students choose to serve while pursuing their post-secondary education. Students are responsible to keep their course instructors informed of all military-related absences. Each instructor posts in their course syllabus, their attendance and tardiness policy. Active Duty, Annual Training and Monthly Drill are possible reasons for veterans and military personnel to miss class. These obligations are required and not optional attendance for military personnel. Students are responsible to provide documentation of orders to Veterans Services. Upon request Veterans Services will verify orders of military service.

Veterans Services, (630) 942-3814 or veterans@cod.edu

To learn more about ongoing military community events contact Veterans Services at (630) 942-3814 or veterans@cod.edu

The VA College Toolkit has various tips and information for faculty, staff and administrators to learn more about this population of students.


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