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Payment Plans

College of DuPage provides students the opportunity to make payments throughout the semester through one of our affordable payment plans. All payment plan options require a down payment. 

The payment plan is for students paying out of pocket or students that do not have their balance covered in full by financial aid or military benefits. There is a $15 non-refundable set-up fee charged at the time of enrollment. A down payment is also required at the time of enrollment. 

Only current semester charges for tuition and fees can be included in the payment plan. Fines and prior term charges can be paid at the Cashier’s Office. 

Payment Plan Schedules

The earlier you enroll in a payment plan, the lower your down payment.

Early Bird Payment Plans

(Before Dec. 31, 2023)

Plan Available Until: Payment Details:
Nov. 30, 2023 $10 down; 6 payments (Dec. to May)
Dec. 31, 2023 $10 down; 5 payments (Jan. to May)


(After Jan. 1)

Plan Available Until: Payment Details:
Jan. 31 20% down; 4 payments (Feb. to May)
Feb. 28 25% down; 3 payments (March to May)
March 31 35% down; 2 payments (April to May)
April 30 50% down; 1 payment (May)

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about setting up a payment plan at College of DuPage.

While enrolling in a payment plan, if you receive an error message “Unable to save your new credit card – Credit card number or expiration date is not valid” or “Account validation failed. Check your ABA routing number and try again,” follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Cancel and repeat the steps to enroll in a payment plan.
  2. Click on payment plans from the top menu.
  3. Click on Enroll Now.
  4. Choose a term from the drop-down box and click on Select.
  5. Choose the payment plan from the plans that are available to you from the drop-down box and click on Select.
  6. Review the details of your payment plan and click on Continue.
  7. Click on Display Payment Schedule.
  8. Review your Payment Schedule and click on Continue.
  9. Choose your Payment Method (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checking, or Savings) from the drop-down box and click on Select.
  10. Enter the requested information on the right side and click on Continue.
  11. Review the payment plan Agreement. If you would like to print the agreement, click the “Print Agreement” box.
  12. Check the box “I agree” at the bottom of the page and click on Continue. 

The payment plan requires a checking/savings account or a debit/credit card.  

Yes, for additional semester charges that occur on your account during the semester, the payment plan balance will be recalculated to reflect the new installment amount(s). 

You do not need to enroll in a new payment plan every time you change your class schedule. 

No, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your agreement, payments are processed electronically. Payments are not accepted by phone or mail.  

While the payment plan specifies the date each payment will occur, College of DuPage determines the time of day the payment is debited. Once the payment has attempted, you will be notified via email if the payment processed successfully.

View due dates for each payment plan.


If a payment is returned, a $30 late fee will be assessed to your student account. Payment must be made immediately or you may be dropped from your classes for the amount owed.

Students with excessive returned payments may be denied eligibility to participate in the payment plan.

The College of DuPage payment plan adjusts your installment payments for new charges or credits applied to the account daily so that the final installment(s) will include any unpaid semester charges. 

  • NOTE: An email notification will be sent out to notify you of changes to your payment plan balance and installment payments for dropping and/or adding a class. New charges or credits applied are divided sequentially into the remaining installments.  

If you enroll in the payment plan and are later awarded financial aid, the financial aid amount will be applied to your account to reduce your balance. If a credit balance is created, you will be refunded within 14 days of that occurring. 

Yes, if you want to participate in the payment plan next semester, you must enroll again. The payment plan is only valid for the semester you sign up for. The $15.00 non-refundable setup fee is charged each semester. 

Questions may be directed via email to or call (630) 942-2206.

Late Payments

Payments are due on the scheduled payment dates outlined in the payment plan agreement. Failure to make payments in accordance with the payment plan agreement will result in a late fee of $30 assessed to your student account, and you may be dropped from your classes for the amount owed.

Scheduled Payments

Payments are due on the scheduled payment date. The College encourages you to set calendar reminders for the payment dates. A reminder email will be sent to your student email address two days before the scheduled payment date. The payment plan is a contract, and the College will not reverse a valid payment.

Student Email

Important communication regarding the payment plan will be sent to your student email address throughout the semester, some of which will be time sensitive.


Contact Information

Cashier's Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2424

Phone Hours

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(630) 942-2206

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Available through email inquiries at
Fax: (630) 942-2909