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FAFSA Verification

As part of the financial aid application process, some students are selected for what is called “verification.” This means that the Office of Student Financial Assistance is requesting documentation to verify the information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Not all students are selected for verification. Some students are selected by the federal processor or institutionally by College of DuPage. Not all students will be asked for the same information. The goal is to have an accurate assessment of a family’s financial situation. At any point in the award processing, if the College finds it necessary, we may require additional information.

Notification of Selection for Verification

Students will be notified via email if verification documents are required. The email will direct the student to visit the secure student portal, log into their myACCESS account and view the section entitled My Documents. Students may track the documents by logging onto their myAccess account to see the updated status. Reminder email notifications are sent every seven days, up until the third email, being the final notification. Students are responsible for sharing information requests with their parents. 

Correction Process

The Office of Student Financial Assistance will electronically submit to the Central Processor (CPS) correction(s) to FAFSA data resulting from verification. The CPS will then send notification of the corrections made by the College to the applicant. Applicants will be notified of an initial or revised award notification, via e-mail through, their myACCESS account.


For students selected (by CPS or the institution) for verification, the school must have verification documents and a valid ISIR document no later than 120 days after the last day of enrollment or established deadlines by the Department of Education, whichever is earlier. Once enrollment is ceased the school will no longer award campus based or Direct Loan funds. 

Consequences of Not Submitting Verification Documents

If a student fails to provide verification documents or information within the required time frame, no federal and/or state financial assistance will be released. If the student has been selected for verification on a subsequent SAR or conflicting information has been received at a later date AND the student received a disbursement of federal and/or state financial assistance, the student will be required to complete the verification process. If the student does not complete verification within the deadlines established, he/she will be required to repay any funds disbursed and may be referred to the US Department of Education for further collection efforts.

Verification After Financial Aid Award Letter Issued

If a student financial aid application has been selected for verification after they have been awarded financial aid, the student’s financial aid will be placed on “hold.” No further disbursements will be made until all documentation is received. If the student fails to provide documents they may be required to repay the funds already given to them.

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