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Credit by Proficiency Exams

Credit by Proficiency offers an opportunity to gain credit for knowledge you have acquired in an occupation or educational environment outside of college, or through other life experience, related to specific College of DuPage courses. Through this process, students who demonstrate knowledge needed to complete a COD course can gain college credit without taking the course. Faculty and administrators in each academic division determine if a specific course lends itself to this method of gaining credit and the means by which you must demonstrate your knowledge. 

Proficiency exams are available in the Testing Center for the courses listed below and can be taken to gain credit. The fee is $75 per course. You must register and pay for the exams in person in the Specialized Testing Center, Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2A08. Information sheets are available upon request for the below exams. For more information call (630) 942-2401 or email

  • Arabic 1101—Elementary Arabic I (4 credits)
  • Arabic 1102 —Elementary Arabic II (4 credits)
  • CIS 1130—Windows Basics (2 credits)
  • CIS 1150—Intro to CIS (3 credits)
  • CIS 1221—Intro to Spreadsheets (3 credits)
  • CIS 1230—Microcomputer Database (3 credits)
  • CIS 1240—Presentation Graphics (2 credits)
  • CIS 1400—Programming Logic (4 credits)
  • CIS 2720—Structured Query Languages (3 credits)
  • ELECT 1100—Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics (3 credits)
  • French 1101—Elementary French I (4 credits)
  • French 1102—Elementary French II (4 credits)
  • German 1101—Elementary German I (4 credits)
  • German 1102—Elementary German II (4 credits)
  • Italian 1101—Elementary Italian I (4 credits)
  • Italian 1102—Elementary Italian II (4 credits)
  • OFTI 1100—Intro to Keyboarding (3 credits)
  • OFTI 1105—Speed Dev. Keyboarding (3 credits)
  • OFTI 1200—MS Office for Prof. Staff (3 credits)
  • OFTI 1210—Word Processing I (3 credits)
  • Russian 1101—Elementary Russian I (4 credits)
  • Russian 1102—Elementary Russian II (4 credits)
  • Spanish 1101—Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
  • Spanish 1102—Elementary Spanish II (4 credits)
  • Speech 1100—Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)

If you want to gain credit for a course that is not listed above, contact the Academic Division for that course and inquiry about proficiency testing. In most cases, a full-time faculty member and administrator will determine if this method is allowed. If approved, you must first register and pay the $75 fee per course in the Testing Center before any assessments are taken or credit is granted. 

Contact Information

Academic and Specialized Testing Center, Glen Ellyn - Main Campus
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2A06/2A08
(630) 942-2401
Testing Hours and Locations