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How Transitional Math Can Help You

The goal of the math transitions partnership between your high school and College of DuPage is to reduce the amount of non-credit bearing math classes a student needs. Doing well in a transitional math class during the senior year of high school can help you be successful. 

Earning an A, B or C in the second semester of the quantitative literacy math transitions class allows a student to enroll in math 1220 Quantitative Literacy or Math 1218 General Education Math at any community college in Illinois. It also allows high school students from District 502 to enroll in Math 1115 Technical Math, Math 1102 Math for Health Sciences or Math 1100 Business Math at College of DuPage. Enrolling in these courses can help eliminate the extra cost and time of taking non-credit bearing preparatory math courses.  

The transitional math course gives students practice using the ALEKS program. Students can build their math skills as well as practice taking the ALEKS college math placement test. Over 30 colleges and universities in Illinois as well as over 350 colleges and universities in the United States use ALEKS as their math placement tool.   

Why Take Math Transitions