Math Transitions

Transitional Math is a collaboration between College of DuPage and area district high schools to offer a fourth-year high school math course. Transitional Math is designed to prepare students for college-level math. The course contains individual skill building, algebra content and contextualized learning projects. Students who completed a transitional math course have a “TM” code on their high school transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions about Math Transitions

If you completed two semesters of a transitional math course in your senior year of a participating DuPage County high school, and received at least a C in the second semester, you can enroll in Math 1220, 1218, 1115, 1102, 1100, 0481, or 0465.

College of DuPage needs to see your high school transcript. Learn More

No. Each student must individually submit their transcript after applying to COD. Learn More

Yes, as long as the ALEKS PPL test was proctored. Learn More

No. Each student individually submits their proctored ALEKS score to COD through their ALEKS account after applying to COD. Learn More

You can visit any COD Testing Center and take the ALEKS PPL placement score there. If you cannot log in to your ALEKS account you will not be able to send COD your score.