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COD Stories

Julia diLiberti

“The opportunity to share knowledge and exchange ideas with a diverse student body is a job that is rarely duplicated in other settings." - Julia diLiberti

Julia's COD Story

COD Stories

Tim Clifford

“I hope my students gain a renewed or deepened curiosity about the world around them. I am doing a disservice to my students if I can't spark their 'intellectual imagination,' as Bertrand Russell put it." - Tim Clifford

Tim's COD Story

COD Stories

Josh Price

“It is the radically interdisciplinary approach to the study of humanity that I find most interesting, and the Humanities program at COD offers such an approach.” - Josh Price

Josh's COD Story

COD Stories

Caitlin Luetger

“Arts and literature and films and philosophy are accessible by everyone. You don’t have to be born into a particular social class to understand a painting. Any person in every way can connect with these topics.” - Caitlin Luetger

Caitlin's COD Story