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COD Stories

Sam Mitrani

"The most important broad lesson my students can take from my classes is to see history as a process that is still unfolding and that they can play a role in shaping." - Sam Mitrani

Sam's COD Story

COD Stories

Maria Ritzema

"I hope students take away the knowledge of analyzing different sources to come to a conclusion on a subject." - Maria Ritzema

Maria's COD Story

COD Stories

John Paris

"I am inspired every time I see the positive results of my work, especially when students inform me of how the lessons they gained and the personal growth they experienced in my classes inspired them, encouraged them or afforded them the opportunity to view the world in a more critically thoughtful way." - John Paris

John's COD Story

COD Stories

Scott Lingenfelter

"I want to give students the skills and perspectives to understand and relate to the rest of world to help them become good global citizens." - Scott Lingenfelter

Scott's COD Story