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General Education Requirements

The College of DuPage Earth Sciences Program provides opportunities for students to explore fundamentals at the introductory as well as pre-professional levels. Each of the Earth Science courses serves the general education needs for non-science and science majors alike. 

Physical Sciences Requirement for an AA, AS, or the Transfer Oriented Electives for the AA, AS degrees

Choose one of the following courses. Note that the courses listed stand alone and do not need to be taken in sequence. Students must take two sciences to meet the science general education requirements – one in the Life Sciences (see Biology) and one Physical Science (includes Earth Science courses). One of the courses taken to meet the science requirement must be a course with a laboratory component. Asterisked (*) courses listed below are non-lab courses. Each of the following courses is articulated with the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). Students should speak with an Earth Science faculty member to select the course most appropriate for their majors. 

Physical Science Requirement for an AAS: Students are required to take one lab science course. You may choose from any of the lab science. Lab classes are in bold below.

Please note that course numbers are organized by Earth Science discipline and do not indicate a level of difficulty.


  • Introduction to Astronomy – EARTH 1120*
  • Astronomy: The Solar System - EARTH 1122
  • Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies - EARTH 1124
  • Observational Astronomy – EARTH 1126


  • Physical Geology of Earth’s Interior - EARTH 1101
  • Physical Geology of Earth’s Surface - EARTH 1102
  • Environmental Geology –EARTH 1105


  • Oceanography - EARTH 1130
  • Water Science, Fundamentals of Hydrology - EARTH 1135


  • Introduction to Meteorology – EARTH 1110
  • Climate & Global Change – EARTH 1111*
  • Severe & Unusual Weather – EARTH 1115
  • Weather Impacts and Preparedness – EARTH 1119

General Earth Science

  • Fundamentals of Earth Science – EARTH 1140
  • Introduction of Earth Science – EARTH 1141*

*Note that students may select either 1140 OR 1141, not both

A.S. DEGREE ONLY Additional Math & Science Credits

Students may choose any of the above courses or select from field and intermediate level Earth Science course offerings. Students should see the current COD catalog for a comprehensive list of Earth Science courses AND consult with the Earth Science faculty member in the Earth Science discipline of interest to make elective choices that best fit individual transfer and degree program needs.


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