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Neurodiversity Resources and Support for Students with Disabilities 

Neurodiversity refers to a range of brain differences that can affect processing, learning, and behavior.  Neurodivergent is a term used when an individual's brain functions differently in one or more ways than what is considered typical.  Students with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and some psychological disorders may identify as neurodivergent.  Neurodivergent learners often respond differently to traditional teaching methods.

Both neurodivergent and neurotypical students have strengths and challenges that they encounter in the learning process. The Learning Commons is equipped to meet the academic support needs of all students including but not limited to neurodivergent learners, students with mental health concerns and physical disabilities." 

Support for Neurodivergent Students

Academic Success Resources & Tools

These are the 10 best apps for college students:

  • Evernote - Take notes, organize research, images, and to-do lists. Instantly synchronize from computer to smartphone, tablet, and the web.
  • Flipd - Log all of your studying, reading, learning, & work time, analyze your progress, block distractions, use inspirational quotes, background music, or join study groups to help you stay motivated.
  • Forest - Beat phone addiction by planting virtual trees. Grow your own forest when you stay productive and off your smartphone or distracting websites. Earn credits to plant real trees around the world. 
  • Grammarly - Automated grammar, proofreading, and revision tool for academic writing. Corrects grammatical & spelling mistakes, checks tone and sentence structure, provides synonym suggestions to make text more readable and precise, and checks documents for plagiarism.
  • My Study Life - Schedule and track all of your classes, assignments, and exams anywhere from any device. Set reminders about your schedule or upcoming tasks so you never forget an assignment. 
  • Notion - All-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized. Choose from pre-made templates for scheduling, notetaking & research, to-do lists, & others, or create your own.
  • Pomotodo - Schedule work, create to do lists and finish tasks using the 25/5 Pomodoro technique for work time and breaks. Set reminders and review your progress to keep things on track.
  • Quizlet - Create or review pre-made flashcards, play interactive games, and quiz yourself with practice tests.
  • Todait - Automatically plans and divides your study materials over an established period of time. Measure your study time and get feedback on study habits. 
  • Todoist - To-do list and task manager for collecting, organizing, and prioritizing tasks and projects. Delegate & collaborate on tasks and sync across devices.

Apps to Promote Mental Health:

  • SAM – Self help for Anxiety Management
    (iOS, Android) - Free Offers a range of self-help methods for people learning to manage their anxiety.
  • Wisdo
    (iOS, Android) - Free Get access to a community of support by sharing your story, connecting with people who share similar experiences, and helping others.
  • Worry Watch
    (iOS) - $3.99 Use a 5 step process to record worries, gain a deeper understanding of anxiety patterns and triggers, and challenge negative thinking.
  • Centered
    (iOS) - Free A unique program for stress management that encourages you to add mindful meditation sessions and physical activity to your daily routine.
  • Serenita
    (iOS, Android) - Free Measure, monitor, and lower your stress level in 5 minutes a day.
  • iBreathe
    (iOS) - Free Helps you relax and focus on your breathing by guiding you through deep breathing exercises and reminding you to take time to focus on breathing every day

No single app is suitable for everyone, nor should it take the place of a formal treatment plan for those with more serious conditions. The College of DuPage Counseling, Advising, and Transfer Center offers short-term, personal counseling to admitted College of DuPage students at no additional cost. 

Other Important Campus Resources

Accommodations Support Specialists

Jennie Nicodem, Accomodations Support Coordinator
Student Resource Center (SRC) 2111
Phone: (630) 942-3161

Bridget Clarke, Learning Disabilities Specialist Evaluator
Student Resource Center (SRC) 2113
Phone: (630) 942-3181