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Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance

Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance offers coaching sessions for COD students who are working on assignments in any COD course.

Professional and peer coaches help students develop and strengthen writing, reading and presentation skills.

To make the most of your appointment, students should:

  • Come early in the semester and come often.
  • Bring a copy of the assignment instructions.
  • Have an idea of what you want to work on.
  • Plan enough time for revision.
  • Be prepared with questions you’d like to ask.


Students can work with a Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance coach in any of the following ways: 

In-Person Appointment

Schedule an appointment at or call (630) 942-3355. Watch a video to learn how to schedule an in-person appointment.

Online Appointment

Schedule an appointment at or call (630) 942-3355. Watch a video to learn how to schedule an online appointment.

Email Appointment

Schedule an email appointment at Watch a video to learn how to schedule an email appointment and another to learn how email coaching works.

GoReact Speech Coaching

Students in participating classes are eligible for GoReact© Speech Coaching. Watch a video to learn how to schedule a GoReact© appointment.

What to Expect

Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance offers the following types of appointments. Services are offered face-to-face in-person, face-to-face online and via email.  

Together, you and your coach will read and discuss your work as well as your options for revising your document.
You and your coach will work together to develop personalized strategies for improving your reading accuracy and comprehension.
A coach will assist you with topic selection, research, outlining, and organization of ideas. WRSA offers a non-threatening environment in which to practice your presentations. 

These sessions offer ESL students the opportunity to practice their English-speaking skills. Students are welcome to discuss a topic of interest to them, or the coaches may supply conversation topics. 

Coaching Policies

Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance assists both experienced and inexperienced writers and readers in all stages of the writing, reading, and speech processes. Coaches help develop and use strategies that create better writers, readers and public speakers in all disciplines.


  • Review the assignment
  • Brainstorm to explore the subject
  • Narrow a topic and develop a thesis
  • Write clearly
  • Develop their papers with details, examples, and other rhetorical devices
  • Organize their ideas logically
  • Identify grammatical error patterns and offer ways to self-correct them
  • Self-identify methods and strategies for revising
  • Develop scholarship essays
  • Develop transfer essays and personal statements
  • Complete Financial Aid Appeal Letters


  • Develop strategies to increase the ease and speed at which they read
  • Develop and implement strategies for improving reading comprehension
  • Enhance overall learning absorption and reading enjoyment


  • Select and narrow a topic
  • Create an outline
  • Research and cite sources
  • Rehearse individual and group presentations
  • Record presentations in the speech studio

English Language Learners

  • Practice speaking English
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Find resources for grammar
  • Study idioms
  • Listen carefully to the student’s explanation of the assignment and help the student deepen their sense of understanding.
  • Help the student carefully plan the most effective strategies for achieving their purpose and improving their skills.
  • Take instructor's comments and evaluations seriously, as part of the learning process within which the student must operate.
  • Provide a non-threatening environment and a safe place for students to talk about their work.

The coaches aim is to develop better writers, readers and presenters.

  • Provide proofreading or editing services.
  • Write/type papers for students.
  • "Correct" papers.
  • Ignore problems in grammar, spelling, and usage.
  • Criticize or otherwise undermine faculty members.
  • Question a professor's methods or goals for instruction.

Hours of Operation

In-person and online Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance hours vary according to location.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions can help you learn more about Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance appointments.

Currently enrolled COD students or students preparing for placement tests can make an appointment with a WRSA coach.

Walk-ins are welcome, but when you schedule an appointment, you are guaranteed that a coach will be available to work with you.

You can make an appointment up to two weeks in advance. The earlier you make an appointment, the more opportunities you will have to develop your skills.

If your desired time to meet with a coach is not available, you can sign up for the waiting list.

If an appointment opening becomes available, you will be notified via text or email. Once notified, login to and schedule the appointment. Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

You can make three reading, three writing, three ELA support and three speech appointments per week, but no more than a total of two appointments of different types per day. If a student does have two appointments of different types in one day, the appointments must be scheduled with different coaches.

Students are limited to eight appointments to prepare for each ACCUPLACER or Kaplan Test of English placement test.

Students connected with Access and Accommodations can schedule four sessions per week for each type of appointment, but no more than one of each type of appointment per day.  

If you have to miss an appointment, cancel in advance; otherwise, the appointment will be marked as missed. If you miss two appointments without cancelling in advance, your account will be disabled for the remainder of the semester and appointments will be allowed on walk-in basis only.

If you are running late, contact Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance at (630) 942-3355. If you are late by 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be marked as missed and your appointment will be made available for walk-in students or students on the waiting list.

By meeting with a WRSA coach, you acknowledge that your work is your original thinking. If we are uncertain, we will explain what plagiarism is and provide resources to help you understand and learn how to avoid it. The WRSA Coordinator will be notified of this conversation.

If plagiarism is questionable after a second appointment, you agree to sit with a coach and complete the COD Library's online plagiarism module to clarify confusion regarding citation practices and standards.

If plagiarism is suspected after a third appointment, you will lose your WRSA privileges for the remainder of the semester and your instructor may be notified.

I found WRSA appointments helpful because they can solve any problem I have from brainstorming to fixing essays to speeches without any judgments. They are friendly and nice, always willing to help as much as they can.

Shanzeh KhanCOD Student

Students who may be struggling to understand the concepts in a particular course may benefit from the content-based tutoring offered in the Tutoring Services area of the Learning Commons. More information on content-based tutoring is available on the Tutoring Services webpage


NACC Certification

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Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance (WRSA) is certified by the National Association of Communication Centers, an organization devoted to the support of communication centers on college and university campuses across the country. Certification is based on a review of the rigorous training program WRSA coaches receive to provide support to COD students and staff. 

Contact Information

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Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2102
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