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Information for New Faculty

The Office of the Provost, Office of Adjunct Faculty Support, and Faculty Chair of Professional Development welcome all new faculty to the COD Community.

Resources to Get Started at COD

New faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the resources available to you, including:

  • Onboarding and Orientation Programs
  • New Faculty Institute
  • First Week Essentials

Onboarding and Orientation Programs

The Employee Development Center offers onboarding and orientation programs for all new employees. The programs for new faculty include essential College information including COD's Mission, Vision and Values, a Cabinet Meet & Greet, Department Presentations, Learning Resources Tour, and more. New faculty will receive and invitation to attend scheduled programs.

New Faculty Institute (Full-time Faculty)

New full-time faculty are enrolled in COD's New Faculty Institute (NFI), a year-long hybrid learning community comprised of twice a month face-to-face meetings featuring conversation and guest presentations; and Blackboard learning modules consisting of readings, discussions and activities. The goals of NFI are to orient new full-time faculty to College of DuPage, help new faculty strengthen their instructional practice and develop reflective habits around teaching, and to create a community of practice among new faculty during their first three years at COD.

New Faculty Institute (Adjunct Faculty)

These expectations outline some of the job requirements all adjunct faculty must adhere to in addition to their teaching duties. We provide this as a way to acclimate you to what the job entails.

First Week Essentials - FAQs

  • Login to myACCESS.
  • Click the myACCESS for Faculty button.
  • Click the Class Roster link.
  • Use the dropdown box to select the appropriate term.
  •  Click Submit.
  • The Class Roster page, which lists your course for the selected term, will display. Select a specific course by clicking the radio button next to the course name.
  • Click Submit.
  • The class roster for the selected course will display.
For more information on myACCESS, see the myACCESS for Faculty Tip Sheet.
To access your email, there are a few different options:
  • If on-campus, you can use the outlook desktop application.
  • If accessing from off-campus, you can access it via
    • - provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access to a webmail version of your email.
    • – provides a direct link to a webmail version of your email.
  1. Go into one of your Blackboard shells for the coming semester (if you don't have any in BB yet, you can go into one from the previous semester.) Please use Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Click on the Follett Discover tab on the left-hand side. You should go right to your dashboard. If not, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker
  3. Select Term and Click on the Update Button. You should see your classes for the upcoming semester.
  4. In the search bar at the top right. Enter the 13-digit ISBN for the book you want without any dashes or spaces. It must be the 13-digit number, not the 10-digit ISBN. Click Go.
  5. You should see the book you want. Click on View Details.
  6. On this page, Select the term, Select the Course, and Select the Material Usage. (If you have multiple sections and are ordering the same book, click on the Manage Adoption for Multiple Courses and go to Step #8, below.)
  7. You should see a screen where the book order says Pending or Adopted. It may take a few days before it says Adopted.
  8. If you are ordering the same book for multiple sections, you can click on the Manage Adoptions for Multiple Sections box. (See #6, above) Make sure that you select the proper term and click Update.
  9. Cursor down to see the courses. Click on the boxes of the courses you want to adopt that book You will see a check mark on the box. You can click any or all of the courses. Then click Adopt.
  10.  If you are ordering more than one book, repeat the same process. Order for all of your classes and you're done!
For more information refer to this job aid.

The Library will place items on reserve from any of its circulating collections. Materials which are already restricted to in-Library use such as reference materials, non-circulating CCIC materials, periodicals, or items from the audiovisual collection at the circulation desk will not be moved from their present location, although they can be included on a course reserve list..

The Library will also place on reserve items belonging to individual faculty members. These items will be temporarily added to the database, secured from theft, and bar-coded.

To put material on reserve visit the library website or contact the Library at (630) 942-2106.

Blackboard is College of DuPage's learning management system (LMS), an online tool that allows you to provide content to students in a central location, communicate with students quickly, and provide grades in an electronic format to students. Students can submit assignments electronically and work with a variety of built-in Web-based tools such as e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs.

Instructors new to Blackboard should visit Getting Started with Blackboard.

For additional information on Blackboard, visit Setting Up Your Course or contact Learning Technologies at or (630) 942-2490.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the myACCESS for Faculty bar
  3. Click on the Midterm Verification/Final Grading link
  4. Select the term to be graded.
  5. Select Final Grading from the drop down box AND select the class that is "ready" to be graded. (The midterm verification for the class must be submitted prior to posting final grades.)
  6. Click SUBMIT.
  7. Enter the final grades in the Final Grade column for all students listed under "Students to be Graded". Any student given a grade of F, LW, W, or I, needs a Last Date of Attendance or Never Attended indicator.
  8. The students who have withdrawn since the class started are listed at the bottom under "Withdrawn Students". These students need a Last Date Attended or Never Attended indicator.
  9. Once you click "Submit", the Final Grading status for the class will be "Completed". You will be able to modify these grades until the status changes to "Posted". This status means that the grades have been posted to the students' records.

For more information on MyACCESS, see the myACCESS for Faculty Tip Sheet.

Microsoft Office 365 is now available to current College of DuPage faculty and staff at no cost. This includes all applications found in the Office suite installed on your college computer.

COD faculty and staff can install the latest version of Office 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Windows tablets and iPad.

To sign up use your COD-specific email address provided by the college. Faculty and staff can sign up at For more information, visit

You may also request to have the following software installed on your COD computer:

  • Camtasia Studio
  • Snagit
  • SoftChalk

Call the HelpDesk x4357 for information on installation.

Microsoft Student Advantage allows students to download the MS Office product set at no cost. Students may download MS Office products via their Office 365 student email inbox. For more information, refer students to Microsoft Office for Student Use.

Both students and faculty can additional software discounts by logging into OnTheHub.