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From Sandhill Coffee to Sandhill Café Mobile

At Sandhill Coffee, they appreciate the importance of a good cup of coffee. They want to be the provider for high quality coffee, connecting the consumer to others and to the outdoors. Phil Wingo focuses on building relationships. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, they promise to donate one percent of their yearly revenue to an environmental nonprofit.

The mission at Sandhill Coffee is to provide an ethical and environmental coffee experience.

Sandhill Coffee’s vision is to look forward to ensuring future generations have the same access to this planet as we do today. They want to inspire people to think of the environment first and recognize the amazing opportunities the outdoors has to offer. The planet is our priority—that is why their beans are ethically and environmentally sourced, bringing coffee to the market that not only tastes good, but motivates to do good as well.

It all started when Phil and his wife welcomed their first child. Shortly after Phil really started to ramp up the roasting at home to learn more about what it takes to roast a decent cup of coffee. Intentionally screwing things up, under roasting, over roasting to taste the difference. The most valuable thing for him was to roast bad coffee on purpose to realize what a bad taste it. However, this is a continuous learning process about new beans from different countries and other variables.

Then he needed to find a way to make money from this new idea. Phil was given the idea of starting at a farmer’s market. It was a good idea but terrifying at the same time. People are going to try the coffee out, what if they do not like it?!? He had to dive in and try it. Fast forward to the night he remembered being so nervous, that he could not sleep.

Over three years later, still serving coffee! Sandhill Coffee can be purchased from local retailers, online order and most importantly in a mobile form. Phil decided at the onset of the pandemic (business was good!) to expand into a Sandhill Café Mobil. He contacted the SBDC at College of DuPage to have a partner to think through this concept, channels to find a truck, and most importantly to find funding. Fast-forward, the truck is branded and on its way to the first location in Lemont – and more to come.

Phil said, “I really appreciated working with the SBDC and the guidance they has provided overall and for the financial planning. This is my first business that I have started, they helped and directed me with all of my questions. I feel much more comfortable with the direction of my business after working with the SBDC. Thank you again!”

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Contact Information

Business Development Center
535 Duane Street, Office 233
Glen Ellyn IL 60137
(630) 942-2600

Summer Hours
Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, closed
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