Phase3D, formerly known as Additive Monitoring System, is a Chicago manufacturer of 3D printer attachments. Their Phase3D’s Project ƒringe can be retrofitted to any printer at any scale to help detect defects in real-time through the print cycles, allowing high-precision prints and better efficiency in production.

With funding from the Department of Energy, the US Air Force, and the National Science Foundation, Dr. Niall O’Dowd, the CEO and Founder of Phase3D started the company in 2020 and quickly led the company's growth. Their achievements include commercializing the product and winning some major government contracts.

As a client of SBDC & PTAC at Joseph Business School, Niall was referred to the College of DuPage by his Advisor, Andy Pham to explore funding options for an important trade show, Formnext, in Germany. With the help of the ITC, Phase3D successfully completed their ISTEP application process and was approved for the grant to support their first international trade show.

"From all of our customer discovery, we learned that trade show presence is the most common way for our industry to learn about new technology. The ISTEP provided crucial support for our marketing, travel, and lodging needs, as well as advice for approaching new foreign markets. We are excited and invigorated by this support and will definitely be utilizing this resource to its fullest going forward."

The Formnext is not only a success but also a great start for the export journey of Phase3D. With Europe as the target market, the sky is truly the limit for their innovative solution.



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