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Professional Writing Lecture Series

Writing Professionally is a lecture series designed for students to learn about the kinds and importance of writing in various professions.

Each semester, Writing Professionally centers on a theme. Professional writers, academics, and professionals who write are invited to speak on that theme. Specifically, panelists share their experiences writing in their profession, such as, (1) how they entered into their profession; (2) what kinds of texts they design, assemble, and circulate; (3) and what they wish they would have known about writing in their profession as a college student.

Writing Professionally Videos

If you have any questions about Writing Professionally, are interested in becoming a panelist for an upcoming event, or have suggestions for a theme, please contact Dr. Steven Accardi, Coordinator of Writing Studies’ Professional Writing Certificate.

Honing your writing skills is one of the most beneficial things you can do to further yourself professionally. Every company I have worked for has leveraged my writing skills. Being able to clearly and concisely write will always propel you forward and make you stand out in a sea of job candidates.” 

Laura MeloneDirector of Litigation & Risk Management, US LBM Holdings; speaker on Writing Professionally’s Legal Writing panel