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Public Service Institute (PSI)

The goal of the Public Service Institute (PSI) Leadership Excellence and Development program is to provide professional development and comprehensive training for the ongoing success of local government agencies and their employees. PSI has developed Programming focused on key topics and best practices in public service leadership. Enroll in these series and leave invigorated as leaders in your municipalities and counties. Network with others in your field to bring back leadership lessons that you can use day one! 

Spring 2024 Programming

Check out our Spring PSI programs! This Leadership Excellence and Development series includes Engaging Employees I and II, Leading Teams I and II, and PSI Project Management.

Public focus on government effectiveness has placed public sector leaders under enormous pressure to maintain and improve performance while doing more with less. Discover tools and resources to improve workforce commitment and develop a culture of inclusion and collaboration. Share best practices, improve performance and develop core skills needed to address the change in the public sector.

Thursdays, April 4 to April 25
8 to 11:30 a.m.
BSPSI-0710-100, $495

Customer Engagement

Thursday, April 4

The world of customer engagement is ever changing and it is integral for organizations to excel in this area in order to thrive. Understand the impact you as an individual can make to an organization, with both internal customers and residents. Learn how to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and fully listen to determine what the customer really needs and how to address those needs.

Impactful Presences

Thursday, April 11

Learn to communicate effectively and persuasively and become comfortable with your own style. Develop key presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control and poise—and without fear. Receive advice on how to handle especially challenging situations. Gain confidence in presenting your ideas, whether it is to an individual or a group.

Conflict Resolution

Thursday, April 18

This session will address the reality that conflict is an inevitable part of the workplace. Whether between individuals or teams, at some point, conflict will arise and will need to be addressed. Different people with different goals and needs come into conflict and often result in personal animosity. But resolving conflict does not need to be a negative experience; in fact, managing conflict can be a catalyst for positive change.

Generational Workplace

Thursday, April 25

For the first time in history, five different generations are represented in the workforce. The challenges of multi-generational teams are heightened for employees working in local government. Attendees will gain the knowledge necessary to work with and collaborate on multigenerational teams to maximize results.

Targeted for those newly developing supervisors, team leads, managers or those that aspire to lead others in the future. Employees often get promoted into a managerial role but rarely receive the appropriate training. When you align people and create an organization, where everyone works together in partnership for a common goal or direction, that organization becomes successful. Inspire others to make a real difference at your workplace and to work toward a shared vision of positive change.

Wednesdays, April 17 to May 8
8 to 11:30 a.m.
BSPSI-0810-100, $495

Cohesive Teams

Wednesday, April 17

This course is designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to effectively lead teams and help team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity. Learn  the five elements of a cohesive team while focusing on processes, strategies and creating accountability among team members.

Leading Change

Wednesday, April 24

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help shape the future of your organization. Explore best practices and tools for understanding and facilitating change. Be part of the change by planning and implementing organizational change to support short-term and long-term initiatives that increase an organization’s sustainability.

Continuous Improvement

Wednesday, May 1

Learn how to set organizational priorities for continuous process improvement, how to execute process improvement projects, and how to sustain the initiative for continuous improvement. The continuous improvement framework is a comprehensive and systematic approach to the delivery of services that reduce waste and inconsistencies while increasing value to customers.

Building Trust and Credibility

Wednesday, May 8

Whether or not you are in charge, this workshop will provide you with key skills for getting things done. Understanding the difference between influence and manipulation, including how the distinction makes all the difference. Discussions regarding influencing strategies from some of today's leading thought leaders, including references that you can follow-up with for further learning will be explored. Improve your ability to manage “up”, get agreement from peers, and motivate those around you, enabling you to work more effectively on projects as well as cross-functional teams. 

Wednesday, March 13
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
BSPSI-0850-001, $225

Join us for this one-day, interactive session to increase your ability to lead and deliver projects. Learn key principles that will help you deliver your projects, including leading factors for project success and failure. Learn how to develop plans to help you and your team stay on track as well as how to respond when (not if) changes occur. Gain a better understanding of what agile project management is (and isn't) and why it's relevant to more than just systems projects. Walk away with practical techniques to identify and manage risks so you can spend less time reacting to problems and more time avoiding them in the first place.

Beginning Drinking Water Class C and D

This live virtual class prepares individuals for certification testing as a Class C and D Public Water Supply Operator.  This class can also be taken to obtain continuing education credits for Class A and B certificate holders. Following class, students are responsible for scheduling their own exam for the Drinking Water Operator Certificate through the Illinois EPA. Topics include:

  • Well and distribution system operation and maintenance
  • Basic water flow hydraulics
  • Chemical dosage mathematics
  • Environmental Protection Agency laws
  • Chlorination and fluoridation

Monday, Feb. 5 to April 22  (no class Feb. 19) 
6 to 9 p.m.
BSPSI-0400-120, $575
*Course fee includes the book and shipping 

Advanced Drinking Water Class A and B

This live virtual course covers a majority of the significant procedures and concepts related to the operation and maintenance of Illinois Class A and Class B public water supply operations, and will prepare students for the Class A and Class B water operators’ IL EPA exam and certification. Students must meet specific experience, education, and examination requirements in order to qualify for certification. Following class, students are responsible for scheduling their own exam for the Advanced Drinking Water Operators Certificate through the Illinois EPA. Topics include:

  • Disinfection
  • Fluoridation
  • Distribution
  • Clarification
  • Lime-Soda Softening
  • Ion Exchange Softening
  • Filtration
  • Iron and manganese control

Tuesday, Jan. 30 to April 23
6 to 9 p.m.
BSPSI-0400-130, $590
*Fee includes the books and shipping  

Beginning Wastewater Class 3 and 4

This live virtual course will help prepare you for the Class 3 and Class 4 wastewater operators’ state exam and IL EPA certification. Applicants must meet specific experience, education, and examination requirements in order to qualify for certification. You will earn three months of on-the-job credit by completing this class and gain confidence in your abilities as you take this first step in moving up in this vital field. Following class, students are responsible for scheduling their own exam for the Wastewater Operation Certificate through the Illinois EPA. Topics include:

  • Introduction to wastewater
  • Collection systems
  • Lift stations
  • Flow measurement
  • Stabilization ponds
  • Sampling & laws governing treatment plants
  • Chlorination

Tuesday,  Feb. 6 to April 16
6 to 9 p.m.
BSPSI-0400-110, $595
*Fee includes the book and shipping 

Advanced Wastewater Class 1 and 2

This live virtual course will help prepare you for the Class 1 and Class 2 Wastewater Operator state exam. Eligibility requirements can be found on this website: Following class, students are responsible for scheduling their own exam for the Waste Water Operator Certificate through the Illinois EPA. Topics include:

  • Activated Sludge
  • Chemical Addition
  • Digesters
  • Primary Treatment
  • Pumps and Pumping
  • Tertiary Treatment

Thursday, Feb. 8 to April 18 
6 to 9 p.m.
BSPSI-0400-140, $595 ($495 if you have taken Beginning Wasterwater in the last 12 months and have the textbook).
*Fee includes the book and shipping

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PSI Makes a Difference

"This program is very relevant to my job, especially meetings, ethics and influencing others. I would recommend this course to others" - Daniel Nowak, DuPage County

"The most valuable part was learning different perspectives and methods when conducting yourself with employees. I thought it was very engaging and informative." Jovana Dacic, Village of Bensenville

"The subject matter is very applicable to one's professional and personal life, and it is critical to improve communication skills. I felt that the Effective Communications topics was the most applicable and helpful to my professional life. " - Sam Cox, Village of Lombard

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