Image of a woman wearing goggles looking at a hologram

The Walking Dead vs DNA by InSpirit VR

Presented by: Inspirit Learning Inc.

Learn physics, chemistry, and biology using virtual labs you can do in your own web browser! Labs are gamified and designed to be similar to popular multiplayer games like Fortnite, and examples include DNA Replication and Projectile Motion.

Materials List

These are the materials you will need to follow along with this activity.

  • Access to a modern web browser
  • Internet connection
  • Access code (provided in the video)

Safety Considerations

There are no safety considerations for this activity.

About Inspirit Learning Inc.


Inspirit uses virtual labs, simulations, and virtual reality to transform science courses around the globe. We offer educational institutions access to a next generation learning platform with a large collection of immersive labs and simulations, available across a range of desktop/laptop and VR platforms. Our platform includes classroom management tools, custom assessment integrations, group or networked lab sessions, and options for curriculum alignment. Built by a team of Stanford University Education and VR researchers, our content is designed to stimulate high knowledge gain, deep engagement, and critical reasoning in learners through their active involvement in virtual environments. Learn more about Inspirit