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Stormdrain Medallion Project

Presented by: SCARCE/DuPage County Stormwater Management

Are you looking to make a difference for the environment and your community? Protect local waterways and educate your fellow community members with the Storm Drain Medallion Project from SCARCE. We provide the tools and guidance to help you make a difference. Visit SCARCE to learn more about how you can do this project yourself!


SCARCE (School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education) is an award-winning environmental education non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities. We accomplish this through innovative and hands-on education programs for schools and organizations, demonstrating care for people and our natural resources through our Reuse Center, and engaging the broader public through community-wide events and programs. For over 25 years SCARCE has been implementing change to foster a more sustainable future. Find out how we can make an impact together. 

SCARCE - Environmental Education

About DuPage County Stormwater Management

Since the inception of DuPage County Stormwater Management 27 years ago, the County has been at the forefront of regional stormwater planning. We work to ensure DuPage County is providing its residents with the highest quality stormwater management in the department's five program areas-Watershed Management, Floodplain Mapping, Water Quality, Regulatory Services and Flood Operations.

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