Photo of a biplane

From the Archives: The Physics of Flight

Presented by: David Spano

Have you ever wondered how an airplane flies? In this talk from David Spano, commercial pilot and owner of SimplyFLY will explain what makes flying so attractive to humans and how physics allows us to take to the air. This talk was originally recorded as part of STEMCON 2016.

About David Spano

David Spano first began flying more than 35 years ago at age 17. He is an FAA Certificated Commercial Pilot and FAA Certificated Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor. David is a long-standing member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association, the National Association of Flight Instructors, as well as the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators. In 2011, recognizing the declining pilot population in the U.S., David reinvented flight training to make it accessible for a larger audience. David founded SimplyFLY at the Aurora Airport in Sugar Grove with one airplane and a plan to inspire others and fan the desire he believes is in all of us, the desire to fly. Now with 5 aircraft and 7 instructors, SimplyFLY has proven its training concepts and taken well over 90% of the sport aviation market in the Chicago area.