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Shared Governance Council

The practice of shared governance involves conversations about policies, procedures, and issues of values, culture, management, as well as operating frameworks, such as legislation, which are externally imposed, with an opportunity to present alternatives to such matters.

The College believes shared governance is essential to the health and growth of an academic institution and embraces it as an important and effective way to ensure decisions made reflect the perspectives, expertise, and best interests of its stakeholders, including students, all employee groups, and citizens by way of the Board of Trustees.

Each constituency group at College of DuPage is invited to participate on the Shared Governance Council and engage in discourse with the ultimate task of ensuring collaboration on institutionally important topics. Collectively, Shared Governance Council makes a recommendation in support or opposition of actions to be taken by the decision-making entities at College of DuPage.

Shared Governance Council will serve an advisory role to those who make decisions at the College and as a repository for campus-wide committees as a means to prevent redundancy among work completed and actions taken at the College.


Functions of Shared Governance Council

  • Act as a clearinghouse for institutional issues while fully exploring them from both a professional skills perspective and as the liaison of constituency groups;
  • Prepare a formal recommendation to the President to influence decision-making;
  • Receive feedback regarding action taken based on recommendations, or in contradiction of recommendations;
  • Act as a repository of committee work that affects the institution’s direction;
  • Produce an annual outcomes report proving the need for shared governance within the decision-making process;
  • Visualization of Shared Governance Council

Current Council Members

Process for Review

Employees with ideas or issues to discuss should submit the Review Form to their Shared Governance Council member(s). More specific information can be found in the Shared Governance Council Guidelines and Structure.

If an item doesn’t meet the following criteria, contact your Shared Governance Council representative(s) for assistance in determining the best alternative course of action to satisfy the issue. Additionally, here is a listing of various departments on campus that may be able to assist.