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Alarm System Sounds

The Glen Ellyn East Campus has a complete alarm system to notify building occupants of a Fire Alarm or a severe weather Take Shelter Alarm. These two different components of the system have distinctively different alarm tones and a different prerecorded message. The following is a sample sound clip of each of the two alarms. Each type of alarm will continue to replay the tones and message until the alarm sound is either silenced or reset by officials.

These two sound clips are provided for staff and students to play and to be able to understand the difference between the two alarm sounds. The system also has an emergency PA system that will be used if necessary to give building occupants special instructions.

Each of the Glen Ellyn East Campus buildings could have a fire alarm activated while other buildings do not have to evacuate. The circumstances of the alarm incident will dictate which building or buildings need to evacuate during an emergency.


Contact Information

Police Department
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Police Department Office
Robert J. Miller Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1040
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