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Project Hire-Ed Apprenticeship Program

Project Hire-Ed

Working together, we can build a bridge between hiring and education to help employers find the right talent for their organizations and teach our students the skills employers are looking for.

College of DuPage is working with business leaders to develop strategies to close the gap and ensure our local workforce is prepared to perform.

Apprenticeship programs provide hands-on training to an employee while gaining necessary competency. They offer skills in a particular occupation, help connect to a career pathway, and combine on-the-job training with appropriate instruction. It is commonly referred to as an “Earn and Learn” model. Gradually the apprentice acquires new proficiencies, builds workplace skills, and reaches set milestones.


  • Build a stronger workforce
  • Increase skills with incumbent workers or new hires
  • Invest in your employees and increase employee morale
  • Wage increases help motivate employees
  • Higher employee loyalty and higher retention
  • Bring value to your company and value to your employees
  • Improve productivity and meet employer’s needs

  • Apprentice is employed, earns income while attending College of DuPage
  • Apprentice receives benefits of full-time employment
  • Apprentice receives wage increases as skills increase or set milestones are reached
  • Employer pays for the full cost of the student’s program courses, labs and fees
  • Apprentice begins a career and earns college credits
  • Apprentice graduates with no college debt

COD Stories

Hamid Benfakir

“I was interested in several of the different career paths and programs that Project Hire-Ed offered. The combination of classroom learning and on-the-job training sounded very beneficial, and having all of the course expenses paid for by the employer while still being paid a full-time wage was an additional bonus point of interest.” - Hamid Benfakir

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COD Stories

Jason Patrick

“Project Hire-Ed was exactly what I was looking for. This program provided me the opportunity to continue my education in an accelerated format toward a certificate as well as work full time in industrial maintenance, receive benefits and gain the necessary experience I needed to further my career." - Jason Patrick

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