Geographic Information System

GIS Certificate

The Geography Program at COD now features a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

This certificate requires these six courses:

GEOG 1151 — Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I
GEOG 1152 — GIS II
GEOG 1153 — Applied GIS
GEOG 1154 — Geodatabase Development
GEOG 1155 — GIS Capstone Project
GEOG 1140 — Urban Geography

The GIS Certificate is fully approved and is being awarded to students who complete the requirements.

The GIS courses are sequential. GEOG 1151 is taught in the fall semester, GEOG 1152 in spring, GEOG 1153 in summer, GEOG 1154 in fall, GEOG 1155 in spring. Urban Geography typically is taught in both fall and spring semesters. We are expecting to debut an online version of GEOG 1151.

For further information about the GIS Certificate, students may contact:

Joe Adduci, Adjunct Professor

Scott Campbell, Professor
(630) 942-2060

Joel Quam, Professor
(630) 942-3143

Keith Yearman, Professor
(630) 942-2765