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How to Research Your Market

How to Research Your Market

Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Location: College of DuPage Business Development Center

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Business Status: Pre-Venture, Startup

This session guides you through determining your target market and databases available to our clients that can help you as you start your business planning.

At the end of the introduction session you should have a better idea of your target market and customers and where to find demographic and psychographic information about them.

You will:

  • Determine basic information about your target market
  • Learn the valuable business databases available to you as a client
  • Discover how to use data to make decisions in your business
  • Tactics for continuing to research your customers long after you start your business


Presented by the ILSBDC staff, Center for Entrepreneurship at College of DuPage and Christine Kickels, College of DuPage Professor and Reference Librarian.

Register now: https://ilsbdc.ecenterdirect.com/events/31924





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