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Architecture unites art and science to create aesthetically pleasing structures that are also economical, functional and safe. From hospitals, libraries and schools, to businesses, hotels and residential homes, architects are responsible for the places in which we live, work, learn, meet, play, shop, govern, eat and worship. Rising populations and increasing emphasis on green buildings and sustainable design, as well as exciting trends such as bio-mimicry and modular design, ensure that architects and construction professionals will be in demand by an industry that is diverse, exciting and fulfilling.

The Architecture program at College of DuPage provides students with the artistic, technical, technological and theoretical expertise necessary for careers and further education in architecture and related fields. Depending on their goals and interests, students can choose between a number of degree and certificate programs that will enable them to pursue careers and upgrade skills in a variety of disciplines. In addition, the program includes pre-architecture programs that offer affordable tracks toward earning advanced degrees from baccalaureate-granting or professional architecture programs.

COD Stories

Michael Rivera

“A community college is just that: a community. Every class I attended at COD, architecture or not, had professors who were engaged and interested in seeing me succeed." - Michael Rivera

Michael's COD Story

COD Stories

Monica Basili

“My architecture professors at COD gave me great love and appreciation for architecture. I am confident in the education I received at COD and that it will help me after I transfer.” - Monica Basili

Monica's COD Story

COD Stories

Carmine Calabria

"When I tell people about my journey, I’m always sure to express to them that starting at COD was the best choice I could have made to get to where I am today. I thank the entire COD architecture staff for giving me such a solid background. They are the best!” - Carmine Calabria

Carmine's COD Story

COD Stories

Julia Suriano

“I learned so much from my two years at COD, not only about architecture but also about myself. COD pushed me to my limits, challenged me academically and allowed to me grow as a person." - Julia Suriano

Julia's COD Story

COD Stories

Akash Mattu

“Going to COD was a great decision and I have not looked back once. I would urge anyone contemplating the architecture path to seriously consider College of DuPage.” - Akash Mattu

Akash's COD Story

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Contact Information

Jane Ostergaard, Program Chair
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1048
(630) 942-2331

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist
(630) 942-2502

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219
(630) 942-2048