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Concordia University: 3+1 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

A convenient, affordable and streamlined approach to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Healthcare Management.

For students starting Physical Therapy Assistant program in September 2016 and forward.

Who can enroll in the program?

  • Students who have completed an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Physical Therapist Assistant at College of DuPage (COD). Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is a limited enrollment program. Students should consult with the admission packet.
  • New students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Healthcare Management offered by Concordia University Chicago at College of DuPage.
  • Students who graduated from College of DuPage and went elsewhere can be considered for admission for this 3+1 program if they complete any necessary prerequisites. A transcript evaluation needs to be completed by both schools.

Program Overview

  • Classes are offered on College of DuPage Glen Ellyn Campus or online. The 34 credit hours earned through Concordia University Chicago are offered at a discounted tuition rate.
  • The 34 credit hours earned through Concordia University Chicago are offered at a discounted tuition rate.
  • For students earning an AAS degree in Physical Therapist Assistant, the program consists of 125.5 credit hours, including 91.5 credit hours of College of DuPage courses and 34 credit hours of Concordia University Chicago coursework.

The Advantage

The 3+1 program allows students to complete their AAS degree from College of DuPage. Once completed, our students are allowed to take additional courses beyond their degree from COD paying our much lower tuition rates. The final year of classes are taught by Concordia University Chicago faculty and are offered on College of DuPage's campus or in an online format at a significantly reduced rate, making the goal of continuing an education a reality for more students. This program exemplifies College of DuPage's mission to make education more affordable for its students while stressing academic quality, first-class faculty and extraordinary learning environments.

Years 1 and 2

Although not required, it is highly recommended that applicants complete all general education courses prior to applying to the PTA program.

Total Hours: 28
Courses Credit Hours
PHYTA 1100 - Intro to Physical Therapy 2
ENGLI 1101* - English Composition I 3
SPEEC 1100* - Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
HLTHS 1110** - Biomedical Terminology 3
ANAT 1551 or ANAT 1571** - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
ANAT 1521 or ANAT 1572** - Human Anatomy and Physiology with Cadaver II 4
MATH 1102 - Mathematics for Health Sciences or higher 3

*Must have a passing grade

**Must have "B" or higher

Submit application to Physical Therapy Assistant Program by Deadline

Years 1 and 2

  • Course available for registration only after acceptance
Total Hours: 39.5
Courses Credit Hours
PHYTA 1109 - Basic Health Care Skills and Principles of Soft Tissue Techniques 3
PHYTA 1114 - PTA Total Patient Care 1
PHYTA 1205 - PTA Kinesiology 5
PHYTA 1207 - PTA Pathophysiology 2
PHYTA 1211 - PTA Therapeutic Assessment and Basic Intervention 4
PHYTA 1301 - PTA Therapeutic Modalities 4
PHYTA 2103 - PTA Neuromuscular and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 4
PHYTA 2104 - PTA Special Patient Populations 3
PHYTA 2110 - PTA Documentation 1.5
PHYTA 2112 - PTA Advanced Orthopedic Rehabilitation 4
PHYTA 2214 - PTA Professional Issues 1
PHYTA 2122 - PTA Clinical Practicum I 1.5
PHYTA 2223 PTA Clinical Practicum II 2.5
PHYTA 2224 PTA Clinical Practicum III 3

Year 3

Total Hours: 24
Courses Credit Hours
MANAG 2240 - Human Resource Management 3
MARKE 2210- Principles of Marketing 3
FINE ARTS (Any Art, Film, Music, or Theater course) 3
ECONO 2200- Principles of Economics 3
PHYSICAL SCIENCE (Any Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics course) 3
ENGLI 1102 - English Composition II* (Grade of "C" of better) 3
HUMANITIES Global Emphasis 3

*Grade of ‘D’ or lower will NOT be accepted

Year 4

Minimum semester hours to be earned at CUC: 34
Healthcare Management Courses Credit Hours
HCMP 2000 - Introduction to Healthcare Industry 3
HCMP 2010 - Healthcare Systems: Issues & Trends 3
HCMP 2020 - Introduction to Healthcare Law 3
HCMP 4010 - Eth Considerations in the HC Industry 3
HCMP 4700 - Senior Project 4
OMP-4020 - Systems Approach to Org Change 3
OMP-4236 - Research Design & Methodology 3
MGT-3200 Business Communications 3
THY-2400 Readings in Redemptive History 3
THY-2700 The Christian Faith 3
MGT-2041 Leading Teams & Groups in Global Environments 3

Any deviation from these courses should be done only through consultation with an advisor.

Any deviation from these courses should be done only through consultation with an advisor.

Important Notes

  • The Physical Therapy Assistant program is a limited enrollment program. Students should review the admission packet for this program online at cod.edu/pta
  • Courses are not listed in sequence. Students are highly recommended to consult with an advisor or counselor to map their academic plan. Students should also refer to specific program admission requirements as stated in their respective college/university catalogs and department web pages.
  • Students using financial aid must complete the associate of AAS degree requirements prior to taking the additional COD coursework.
  • Students utilizing financial aid must apply and be accepted into Concordia University Chicago prior to taking any classes beyond the AAS degree. It is recommended that students using financial aid should begin applying to Concordia University Chicago one semester before completing the AAS degree and ask for the financial aid consortium agreement. Students also need to apply for graduation from the AAS degree program at COD. Not doing so will result in not receiving financial aid.
  • The AAS degree must be completed and conferred in order to validate this agreement. Please refer to the student planning worksheet at www.cod.edu/counseling for COD's AAS degree requirements.
  • Additional COD coursework beyond the AAS degree must be completed with a "B" or higher.
  • Students must register and purchase books at Concordia University Chicago for Concordia University Chicago courses.
  • A student must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours to qualify for graduation with a bachelor's degree. At least 34 of the 120 credit hours for graduation must be completed through Concordia University Chicago. Students follow the degree requirements for the catalog year in which they enter Concordia University Chicago.
  • This plan was updated for the Fall 2022 term.  Please contact a College of DuPage counselor or advisor to obtain the appropriate plan if you began prior to the noted term.

Contact Information

Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 3200
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Request Advising

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Enrollment Advisor
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