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Emergency Medical Technician Certificate Program

College of DuPage offers an Emergency Medical Technician certificate program each semester. Students interested in completing this ten-credit-hour course are encouraged to enroll early as classes fill up quickly. 

Completing EMT training is a first step toward becoming a paramedic and is also a great way for students to decide whether this or another healthcare profession is a career they would like to pursue.

Fall 2023 EMT Registration (Fire 2271)

Read through the EMT Registration Requirements to learn more about the program, pre-requisites and registration steps. 

Students who aren't sure they are ready for the rigor of EMT are encouraged to complete Fire 1183 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) to prepare themselves for EMT. Fire 1183 (EMR) is offered Fall and Spring terms only.

EMT Classes

EMT class sections can be viewed on the MyAccess webpage under Search for Credit Classes. You do not need to be logged in to view classes. Enter the following search criteria to view EMT sections. Term: (the semester you are registering for) Subject: Fire Science,  Course #: 2271, then click submit at bottom of webpage for EMT sections to appear. 

Enrollment for EMT Registration is limited, is on a first-come/first-serve basis, and classes will not be overloaded or seats reserved. Please monitor the myACCESS class schedule for availability prior to beginning the registration process. 

When all the steps outlined in the EMT Registration Packet are completed, including the background check (not just submitted, but actually completed), you may register through your MyAccess account.  You can also register by emailing (using only your COD student email: xxx@ dupage.edu) the registration office (registration@cod.edu) or calling registration (630) 942-2377. Be sure to include/have ready your COD ID#, Course Number (Fire 2271) and Section # (HYxxx), and a registration representative will complete your enrollment and provide a balance due for payment. If your student account balance is not fully covered by financial aid or military benefits, you must enroll in a payment plan or pay your balance in full or you will be dropped for non-payment.

Grant Opportunity for EMT Students

The application for the Pipeline for the Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce (PATH) Grant for the Fall 2023 semester is not yet available. Check back for updates after July 1st. This grant opportunity will also be discussed in class. The application will be posted on the Academic Works Portal.

Funds will be limited as a first-come first-serve basis. Review for the scholarship will be after the deadline. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing and notification of awards. If you have questions on the PATH grant, email scholarships@cod.edu.

EMT Employment Opportunities Area Listing