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English Programs

English at College of DuPage is comprised of multiple programs, including Creative WritingFilmLiterature and Writing Studies. Each of these has its own unique focus and approach, but all of them provide high-demand 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, and problem solving. 

Today's English majors are employed in an array of career fields, from education, law, and business administration to politics, public service and public relations. The hiring outlook for the English major remains positive as business and industry continue to need creative problem solvers and effective communicators.

English programs at College of DuPage do just not equip students with important professional and academic skills. Study across Creative Writing, Film, Literature and Writing Studies builds important personal and interpersonal skills. Students will learn to understand and appreciate a diversity of global perspectives and cultural viewpoints. Study in English can unlock creative potential while sharpening analytical and communication abilities.

By virtue of its versatility, English prepares graduates for the diverse jobs of today and the professional opportunities of tomorrow.


Why do I write? To say what others have not, to change what is needed, to enlighten those in the dark, and to be the voice to anyone who has been silenced.
- Lauren Krizenecky (COD Creative Writing Student and Accounting major)

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Creative Writing courses online. As a writer, the classes have helped enhance my writing skills and overall help me better my craft.
- Vanessa Jasek (COD Alumnus)

English courses at College of DuPage are beneficial in aiding our understanding of texts as well as connecting the historical context of different time periods to our society today. Even in the courses I'm currently taking at ISU, I still utilize the analytical skills I acquired at COD.
- Brianna Liddell (COD Alumnus majoring in English Education at Illinois State University)

In Literature, I saw clearly for the first time the ways in which the literary knowledge, critical thinking skills, and communication skills I was getting from liberal arts classes could be translated into other areas of my life and into other fields.
- Elly Nalbach (COD Alumnus)

Programs in English offer an array of high-demand skills, from effective communication to problem-solving to digital collaboration. English majors are versatile and able to pursue careers in a diverse range of fields:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Politics
  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Research


COD Stories

Julie Andersen giving speech at graduation

COD gave Julia Andersen time to decide between becoming an English or Film major, all while increasing her knowledge in Honors classes and becoming an associate editor for the Prairie Light Review.

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COD Stories

Ashely Gonzalez smiling wearing an orange sweater

Ashley Gonzalez realized she had a passion for English and writing in high school. Enrolled in the Honors program and named a Presidential Scholar, Gonzalez took every advantage COD had available to learn and grow.

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There is a big misconception a lot of people have about majoring in English that I myself didn't realize until I started studying at Lewis University. Majoring in English does not mean your options are limited to teaching literature or writing novels (but if that's what you want to do, then go for it!) - there are actually countless other careers available to English majors.  

Bree ScottCOD Alumnus and Lewis University Student, majoring in English

English Department Chairs

Jill Salas
Chair of Developmental English

Tim Henningsen
Chair of Composition

Jason Snart
Chair of Literature, Creative Writing and Film