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English Programs

English majors are employed in a wide array of careers that require proficiency in written and spoken English, such as education, research, writing, law, business, industry, communications and public service. By virtue of this versatility, English opens the most doors and makes the graduate the most highly employable of all liberal arts degrees.

While some careers require post-graduate degrees, today's English major, armed with a bachelor's degree, can find a host of employment opportunities. One latest career tracking has shown English graduates with a bachelor's degree employed as writers, editors, copywriters, publishers, teachers, advertising and public relations specialists, researchers, business administrators and managers, lawyers, journalists, and public employees. The hiring outlook for the English major seems better today than in recent years as the economy continues to grow.

Students who are articulate, love reading and writing, are interested in research and have investigative ability, and are critical thinkers should explore the study of English. Industry, business and academic leaders constantly need and look for people who have such skills.

If you are considering this area of study, consult with a faculty member.