students and faculty member reviewing surgical tools

Sample Job Description

Central Sterile Processing Distribution Technician's perform and participate in decontamination, cleaning, assembling, packaging, scanning, sterilization, storage and distribution of reusable surgical instrumentation and equipment. Technicians also perform other duties as assigned or required.

Expectations for All Employees

This institution exists to serve others, and does so through the expression of our core values:

  • Respect: To recognize the dignity of every person
  • Integrity: To be honest, fair, trustworthy, and professional
  • Stewardship: To manage resources responsibly
  • Excellence: To work at the highest level of performance with a commitment to continuous improvement

Essential Minimum Duties and Responsibilities

Central Sterile Processing Technician minimum job requirements include: sitting/standing for prolonged periods, frequently walking and reaching (overhead, extensive, repetitive). Proficient communicative, auditory, and visual skills are needed. Attention to detail and ability to write legibly.

Must have the ability to lift/push/pull greater than 100 pounds. May be exposed to fumes, chemicals, cold, noise, radiation, blood/body fluids, and infectious diseases.

In addition:

  1. Decontaminates and sterilizes instruments, medical supplies and equipment, and assembles, wraps and sterilizes trays of instruments. Follows proper Standard Precautions while in decontamination and sterilization areas.
  2. Monitors biological and chemical wash solution to ensure quality and consistency for decontamination of instruments and medical equipment.
  3. Sorts mismatched sets of instruments, trays, and medical equipment and makes them available to sterile processing customers in a timely manner.
  4. Restocks, labels, and maintains inventory, submits requisitions, collects and distributes instruments, trays, crash carts, and facility medical equipment.
  5. Performs environmental maintenance duties and assists in maintaining inventory levels in sterile processing, the operating room, and in equipment storage areas.
  6. Verifies that equipment functions properly, requisitions for equipment maintenance, repair or replacement, and removes defective equipment.
  7. Maintains a clean work area
  8. Assists with maintaining established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, and quality improvement, safety, and environmental and infection control standards.
  9. Communicates appropriately using good interpersonal skills