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Business Program

Business careers are as diverse as the economy and there are countless positions that fall under the field of business. Learn the fundamentals of business through the Business Transfer Pathway, complete your general education requirements or take business classes in accounting, management and the global economy.

If you plan on continuing your education beyond College of DuPage, earning an Associate in Arts degree to prepare for transfer to a four-year school may be perfect for you. Focus on the challenges essential to succeed in business and complete courses for transfer to a baccalaureate-granting school. 

Determine Your Path

There are a wide range of careers available for students interested in the field of business. 

Whether you are preparing for a career in business, management or marketing, planning to transfer to a four year baccalaureate-granting institution, planning to start your own business, or updating your skills, College of DuPage has the right program for you. We offer:

  • Dedicated instructors with years of practical industry experience and teaching experience.
  • Instruction in top-notch facilities.
  • Flexible schedules with day and evening classes, online learning and accelerated hybrid classes.
  • Practical, hands-on experience as well as classroom based studies.
  • Affordable programs that get you on the fast track to success without breaking the bank.
  • Programs designed to prepare students with the skills that are in demand by today’s employers.
  • Articulated transfer programs with several prestigious universities that facilitate a convenient, affordable and streamlined approach to earning a baccalaureate degree.

Business Transfer Pathway, Associate in Arts

The Business Transfer Pathway, Associate in Arts program prepares students to transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

Courses and programs in business are offered in a variety of convenient formats including in-person, online and in hybrid formats. The following is a list of classes and when they are offered each semester. For more information visit myACCESS or the course catalog.

BUSIN 1100 - Introduction to Business

  • Fall: Classroom Day, Classroom Night, Online
  • Spring: Classroom Day, Classroom Night, Online
  • Summer: Classroom Day, Online

BUSIN 1111 - Customer Service

  • Fall: Classroom Day, Classroom Night, Online
  • Spring: Classroom Night, Online
  • Summer: Online

BUSIN 1120 - Fundamentals of Personal Investing

  • Fall: Online
  • Spring: Online
  • Summer: Online - Last Offering

COD Stories

Rima Househ

"If someone asked me for advice, I would say to go COD because you will never find a place like it anywhere. You will feel like you belong because of the love and inclusion for all students.” - Rima Househ

Rima's COD Story

COD Stories

Sam Guerrero

"College of DuPage provided me with a plethora of ways to accomplish my educational and career goals. Being involved on campus allowed me to become an active member in the society I live in." - Sam Guerrero

Sam's COD Story

COD Stories

Sara Acosta

"COD allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about myself. I was able to take a variety of different classes and learn what really interested me. In addition, it provided me with the resources to become more prepared for furthering my education." - Sara Acosta

Sara's COD Story

COD Stories

Kayla Babiak

"I was challenged to work with a variety of people, which improved my communication skills. Personally, I gained many friends at College of DuPage thanks to the small class sizes.” - Kayla Babiak

Kayla's COD Story

COD Stories

Dennis Barsema

“I would tell students they should take advantage of every opportunity they can, whether it’s joining clubs or networking.” - Dennis Barsema

Dennis's COD Story

Get Started Today

The first step to getting started in Business is to apply for admission.

Academic and Career Pathways give you a roadmap to achieving your career goals. Follow a pathway based on your degree that outlines which classes you need to take and when so you graduate on time or move on to the next phase in your career.

College of DuPage has several business, management and marketing transfer agreements in place with four-year colleges and universities to save you time, money and make the transfer process easier.

Many of these agreements with other colleges and universities have specific course requirements and a pre-determined course plan that needs to be followed to be eligible to transfer. Contact a program faculty member or academic advisor to learn more as course requirements vary by institution.

Career Information


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to common frequently asked questions regarding the Business, Management and Marketing programs.

A certificate focuses on a specific body or area of knowledge while a degree combines that focus with a broad academic background. 

An Associate in Arts degree is usually geared to transfer to a baccalaureate-granting college or university in a residential, full-time program. The Associate in Applied Science degree is accepted by many local colleges and universities, especially adult, part-time programs.

The Associate in Arts includes more liberal arts courses, while the Associate in Applied Science focuses more on your specialty area.

IAI is the acronym for the Illinois Articulation Initiative. A course which is designated IAI will transfer to any public or private college or university in Illinois.

Prerequisites are courses (or demonstrated equivalent experience) that you must take prior to enrolling in another higher-level course. 

You need to take prerequisite courses because they give you the background necessary for higher-level courses. The higher-level course instructor assumes that you have mastered the content of the prerequisite course. Mastery of the prerequisite course content improves your chances of successful performance.

No not every course is offered every semester, but many courses are. The following basic courses are usually offered every term:

  • Business 1100 (Introduction to Business) 
  • Business 1111 (Customer Service)
  • Business 1120 (Fundamentals of Personal Investing)
  • Business 1161 (Entrepreneurship)
  • Business 2255 (International Business)
  • Management 1100 (Supervision) 
  • Management 2210 (Principles of Management) 
  • Management 2215 (Leadership)
  • Management 2220 (Organizational Behavior)
  • Management 2240 (Human Resource Management)
  • Marketing 1100 (Consumer Marketing)
  • Marketing 1170 (Internet and Social Media Marketing)
  • Marketing 2210 (Principles of Marketing) 
  • Marketing 2220 (Principles of Sales) 
  • Marketing 2230 (Principles of Retailing)
  • Marketing 2240 (Advertising)

These courses are also offered during the day, and/or evening. Many are also offered through Hybrid and Online Courses.