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College of DuPage offers a variety of courses for every interest. New classes are added to the course listing every semester. 

Fall 2021

Art and Nature

(ART 2217 HYB01)

A survey of visual art, theories, and practices that explore with our complicated relationship to the natural world. Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One or consent of instructor.

Fashion Product Development I

(FASHI 1510 VCM01)

Overview of the fashion product development cycle, from initial trend and consumer analysis, merchandising strategies, global sourcing, garment fit, manufacturing, and presentation of the
product line. Students learn about the role of the product developer and examine advantages and disadvantages of successful private label merchandising. Prerequisite: FASHI 1531 with a grade of C or better or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment in FASHI 1531, or consent of instructor.

Business of Fashion

(FASHI 1531 VCM01)

Exploration of the large and complicated fashion industry. Survey of markets, research and analysis, delivery schedules, product development, line plans, and selling reports. Changes in fashion industry practices and career opportunities will be discussed.

Landscaping for Pollinators

(HORT 1142 VCM01)

Biology and ecology of Midwest pollinators. Landscape design and implementation for attracting pollinators including site selection, plant selection, and maintenance requirements.

Digital Marketing Analytics

(MARKE 2235 HYB01)

Learn the digital marketing reporting tools to collect, measure and analyze data trends and patterns to make optimal business recommendations. Course prepares students to complete related industry certifications. Prerequisite: MARKE 2270 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Spanish for Health Professionals I

(SPANI 1114 NET10)

Develops the ability to speak, understand, read, and write in Spanish in healthcare settings. Emphasizes basic conversational skills in Spanish to communicate effectively in cultural contexts. Role-plays and simulations will be used to prepare students to engage successfully with Spanish speakers in diverse healthcare settings. For the beginning student.

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