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About Us

Prairie Light Review is a juried magazine that is produced twice a year in December and May by a class of student editors enrolled in English 2210. The magazine features the creative works of students, faculty, and residents of our College District 502.

Student editors evaluate blind entries and strive to bring to the magazine’s readers the most engaging and creative work being produced in District 502. 

The magazine welcomes original fiction, nonfiction, essays, and drama of 1,600 words or less; poetry of 62 lines or less; graphic essays of 12 panels or less; black and white and color photography; and 2D and 3D artwork of any medium. 

In January 2019, 2021 and 2022, The Prairie Light Review was honored with the First Place Magazine award from the American Scholastic Press Association

Join Our Staff

You can join the staff of this award-winning magazine by enrolling in English 2210 fall or spring terms of each year. No previous publishing experience is needed. The course is two credit hours. More information about the course is available in About Us and on How to Search for Credit Classes

English 2210 is a unique course. Students who enroll become editors of the magazine, working together as a team to learn the exciting and rewarding process of producing the next issue of Prairie Light Review. This is not a traditional English course in which each student writes individual, formal assignments that an instructor evaluates. By contrast, each student’s grade in the course is based on preparing for class, participating in the production of the magazine, and planning the publication party at the end. 

Staff members experience and learn many different publication techniques, including tracking entries, selecting content, deciding layout, editing copy, distributing the magazine, managing the office, marketing, fundraising, and coordinating special events such as the publication party and open mics.

Contact Information

Trina Sotirakopulos, Advisor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E09H
(630) 942-2177