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2024-2025 Religious Observance Calendar

College of DuPage is deeply committed to supporting its religiously diverse community. This interfaith calendar provides information on various world religious holidays that fall within College of DuPage’s academic calendar and may, therefore, be applicable for College of DuPage students. Please note that some of the observation dates may be more fluid due to fluctuations of the various calendars (Lunar, Julian, Gregorian, etc.). This calendar is a tool, not to be considered inclusive of every religion or religious observance. It is a resource for religious days more commonly observed in our region. Should there be any questions, faculty can consult their Dean for further guidance.

The following points provide ideas for faculty to best accommodate the needs of those celebrating religious holidays. During the holidays listed below, faculty might:

  • Refrain from scheduling important/mandatory events, activities or deadlines
  • Honor student requests to observe religious holidays and be flexible with attendance and assessments
  • Be aware that students may be fasting or otherwise have dietary restrictions
  • Respect that Jewish and Muslim holidays begin at sundown the night before the holiday. As a result, students may need additional flexibility

Religious Observance Calendar 2024-2025

Date Holiday Faith
Saturday, Jan. 7, 2024 Feast of the Nativity Christian: Orthodox
Saturday, Feb. 10 Chinese New Year  Confucian/Daoist, Buddhist
Wednesday, Feb. 14 Ash Wednesday Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Sunday, March 10 Ramadan Begins  Muslim
Monday, March 18 Clean Monday  Christian: Orthodox
Saturday, March 23 Purim Begins Jewish
Sunday, March 24 Purim Ends Jewish
Monday, March 25 Holi Hindu
Friday, March 29 Good Friday  Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Saturday, March 30 Holy Saturday Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Sunday, March 31 Easter Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Tuesday, April 9 Eid al-Fitr  Muslim
Tuesday, April 9 Ramadan Ends Muslim
Tuesday, April 23 Passover Begins Jewish
Tuesday, April 30 Passover Ends Jewish
Friday, May 3 Holy Friday Christian: Orthodox
Sunday, May 5 Easter Christian: Orthodox
Monday, May 6 Yom HaShoah Jewish
Thursday, May 23 Vesak  Buddhist
June through August TBA  
Monday, Sept. 16 Mawlid Al-Nabi Muslim
Wednesday, Oct. 2 Rosh Hashanah Begins Jewish
Friday, Oct. 4 Rosh Hashanah Ends Jewish
Friday, Oct. 11 Yom Kippur Begins Jewish
Saturday, Oct. 12 Yom Kippur Ends Jewish
Wednesday, Oct. 16 Sukkot Begins Jewish
Wednesday, Oct. 23 Sukkot Ends Jewish
Wednesday, Oct. 23 Shmini Atzeret Begins Jewish
Friday, Oct. 25 Shmini Atzeret Ends Jewish
Thursday, Oct. 24 Simchat Torah Begins Jewish
Friday, Oct. 25 Simchat Torah Ends Jewish
Friday, Nov. 1 Diwali (Deepavali) Sikh, Hindu
Tuesday, Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Wednesday, Dec. 25 Christmas Christian: Catholic, Protestant
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2024 Hanukkah Begins Jewish
Friday, Jan. 3, 2025 Hanukkah Ends Jewish

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