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Cooperative Agreement Request

Complete the Cooperative Agreement Request form. In addition to the form, you must submit a copy of your valid Illinois drivers license or state identification reflecting your current address. If you have been accepted to a limited enrollment program, submit a copy of your acceptance letter.

Email your documents to registration_forms@cod.edu with the subject: Cooperative Agreement. Requests submitted without required documents will not be processed. Applications for Cooperative Agreement must be filed 30 calendar days prior to the start of the term of enrollment being processed.

Cooperative Agreement Request Questions

Contact the Office of Student Registration Services at (630) 942-2377.

Cooperative Agreement Request Form

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Authorization will be sent to the email address provided.
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Approval cannot be given for AA, AS, or AES Degrees

NOTE: Authorization may only be granted for one academic year (summer - fall - spring). If you desire a longer period of time to complete program of study, a new request must be submitted prior to the start of the next term in which you plan to enroll.

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I understand that this program is not being offered at College of DuPage. I further understand that a Cooperative Agreement request from Community College District 502 will be granted only for those programs (not individual courses, prerequisites or under 1000-level courses) which are not offered by College of DuPage. Should I fail to enroll in the above mentioned program, I shall assume all responsibility for tuition and fee expense incurred in my enrollment at the approved institution. I hereby understand that the approved school will permit me to study in the program that I have requested at their in-district tuition rate provided that I stay within the guidelines of the program. Deviation from the program will result in my paying out-of-district tuition rates.  Marking "I Agree" indicates that I understand this agreement is for the program specified above and not for individual courses, prerequisites or under 1000 level courses, or repeating any course. I also understand that I am not officially accepted into a program (Limited enrollment science programs require acceptance letter). I further certify that the information contained in the notification is true and correct.
I agree*
College of DuPage adheres to guidelines by reporting data of proof of attendance from the community college you wish to attend with the State of Illinois.  As part of determining your eligibility under the CAREERS agreement, you understand that the information will be shared with the State of Illinois.  The academic information will include the courses taken and the credits earned. By checking this box, I agree to allow College of DuPage, through the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), to receive the requested information from the school I am approved to attend.
I agree*

Upon submitting this form, email required documents to registration_forms@cod.edu with the subject: Cooperative Agreement. Requests submitted without required documents will not be processed.

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