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The Power of The Checklist

Atul Gawande wrote in his bestseller “The Checklist Manifesto” “There are thousand ways that things can go wrong when you’ve got a patient with a stab wound. But everyone involved got almost every step right…Except no one remembered to ask the patient what the weapon was”. Read More

Webinars – Wondrous or Waste of Time?

In 2014, you were way ahead of the competition if you attended an online class. During the pandemic (2020-21) virtually every American attended at least one online event. Zoom is here to stay and so is online business training. Read More

5 Google Tools You Should be Using

Google is a powerful tool for small business owners and provides many services and programs that make life a little easier for startups who are breaking into the digital space. Read More

Emotions in Negotiation

Negotiations are a fact of life. We negotiate every day and sometimes even when we don’t realize it. The impact it has in our lives has more weight than we thought like the growth of our small business when we negotiate for sales or contract terms with clients or vendors. Negotiation is not a dispute or disagreement or even a confrontation, it is a discussion aim at reaching an agreement. Read More

Five Ways to Find and Capture Your Best Customer

Recently, a client expressed frustration that prospects did not value his consulting services. And no wonder: his Google ads were attracting anyone and everyone, and he was giving away his ideas at initial meetings. The solution wasn’t to educate customers on his value. The solution was to capture the ears of a quality prospect. By the way, that same client of mine now charges for an initial visit, no more freebies. Read More

Market Research – Pot of Gold

According to a recent FORBES survey the main reasons why startups struggle can be summarized as lack of market knowledge about customer needs, competitors and recent changes in the industry. Read More

Starting a Home-based Small Business: tips, ideas and resources

People are, seemingly more than ever, afforded the opportunity to operate a business from home. With 5G internet solutions becoming more available, small business owners and entrepreneurs have more broadband options that can help them be successful. 

Starting a home-based small business is no easy task though. It requires dedication and persistence to keep operations thriving. Before opening this sort of business, you must ask yourself not only if you have a winning idea, but if you have the focus and motivation to work from home. You must research your idea, test it and fund it, on top of acquiring a payment system and a shipping solution. 

All of these nuances to starting a home-based business will be discussed below, as will the tips, ideas and resources needed to garner growth. Read More

Venture Capital: Funding Option for Startups

Venture Capital can become a great source for funding. Understanding the world of VC is the first step to conquer. Other steps include how to convince someone to part with their money and develop a top-notch presentation. Learn More


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