Design + Build

Design + Build Summer Studio

The COD Arch Design + Build Summer Studio is a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity for students to explore space and the built environment through the design and construction of a creative structure.  Over the course of three summer studios (2014, 2016, and 2018), this project has allowed Community College Architecture students to have a firsthand experience designing, and then building a structure. 

This studio is based on the simple idea of connecting design with making. When students build, it enhances the learning experience, and fundamentally changes the design process.  In this class students think through making. They solve problems through drawing, and in the shop. They consider the poetic and the tectonic simultaneously, and have deep conversations about real issues. The end result is an unparalleled learning experience for our future Architects.


Prairie Pavilion Images

Prairie Pavilion Project Portfolio

COD Arch Design + Build Summer 2018 from Mark Pearson on Vimeo.


2016: UMBRA (AIA NEI Distinguished Project Award Winner)

Umbra Images

Umbra Project Portfolio


Frame Pavilion Images

Frame Pavilion Project Portfolio