student giving an x-ray in radiography lab

Radiography Program Costs

The following is a list of program fees for applicants accepted into the Radiography program.

Note: These figures may change due to price increases.

Estimated Program Costs. For more information on tuition please visit the Tuition and Fees page. 
Item Estimated Cost
Non-Refundable College of DuPage Application $20.00
Non-Refundable Health Career Application Fee $50.00
Non-Refundable HESI-A2 Admission Exam  $60.00
In-District Tuition (72 credits)
  • 66 credits of DMIR courses x $144/credit = $9,504.00
  • 6 credits of General Education courses x $144/credit  = $864.00
Uniform (depends on clinical site) $200.00
Books & Materials (program only) $1,000.00
Associated Lab Fees (2 year malpractice insurance included) $1,295.00
ISSRT Membership ($25 annual fee) $50.00
Non-Refundable Criminal Background Check (see Health Requirement Packet for details) $72.99
Non-Refundable Mandatory Drug Testing ($33.99 per year) (see Health Requirement Packet for details $67.98
Non-Refundable Medical Document Manager (see Health Requirement Packet for details $19.49
Non-Refundable Health Requirements (see Health Requirement Packet for details Varies
Estimated Total $13,203.46 + Health Requirements


Additional Costs Upon Program Completion

Item Estimated Cost
*American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)(National Board Examination)  $200.00
*Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) (Illinois State License)  $120.00

*Indicates prices subject to change.

Cost estimate does not include provisions for travel to and from school and clinical education site, textbooks and fees related to general education requirement courses, or for the cost of the required physical exam.