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Whether you want to study math because you enjoy algebra, calculus or geometry or whether you want to work in a mathematics-related field like finance, statistics, physics, engineering or chemistry, College of DuPage offers a variety of math courses that can help you meet your goals. 

Students will learn how to apply mathematical theory to real world problems and how to interpret problems in order to draw accurate conclusions. Courses range from the foundation of mathematics to linear algebra and differential equations.

COD Stories

Erica Hotsinpiller

"I want students to see the value in learning math and how math can be used in their own lives. It allows students to work on patience, persistence, organization, communication and self-discipline." - Erica Hotsinpiller

Erica's COD Story

COD Stories

Jackie Kraus

"I like sharing with others how I make sense of mathematics, and I want to show my students that mathematics isn’t a stuffy, dead subject but one that they can make sense of and use in their every day lives.” - Jackie Kraus

Jackie's COD Story

COD Stories

Michael McCabe

"I spell out different ways to study for my class. I remind them of the phenomena of ‘it made sense in class but tonight it doesn’t.’ I hope that when a student leaves my class, they know school is not impossible and effort is necessary to succeed.” - Michael McCabe

Michael's COD Story

COD Stories

Matthew Wechter

"I am so appreciative of students who might not pass their math class the first time, but then redouble their efforts and succeed on the second try. It shows real growth, which may be more important than the mathematical skills themselves.” - Matthew Wechter

Matthew's COD Story

I gained so much confidence after taking so many math courses that I felt I could do anything.

Ricardo PeláezMathematics Major


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